Reminder there are no classes tomorrow for the holiday.

Back Squat x5

“Death by 10 Meter”
Run 10 meters the first minute, 20 meters the second minute and 30 meters the third. Continue to run an additional 10 meters until you can no longer finish the prescribed number of meters within the minute. Score is complete rounds + meters run in last round.

Compare to Feb.12/15

Momma Wood is on the road to recovery

8 thoughts on “Reminder”

  1. Back Squat x5 (didn’t have a PR yet)
    85-110-120-130-140-140# (PR)

    “Death by 10 Meter”
    11 rounds+11 (1 more second and it would have been 12)

  2. Back Squatx5
    35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs,65lbs, 70lbs# (PR)

    Death by 10 Meters
    14rounds + 14 ( few more seconds and I could have had 15!!!)

  3. Back Squat x 5

    Death by 10 Meters
    17 rounds + 160m

    Wish i went a bit faster early in round 18. I was at 18 + 16 1/2 when i realized I wouldn’t make it so stopped there. I definitely didn’t have round 19 in me today, so still very happy with how far I got.

    Thanks Maria!

  4. A bit late I know!
    I talked Paige into going!
    Back Squat 65#, 70#, 75#,75#,75#
    Death by 10 meters
    Paige managed 12 rounds, she made a point of not tiring herself out during the smaller rounds, but couldn’t get her speed up as things got faster.. Her last time she did 13ish..
    I chose to row and managed 21 rounds.. I know it is no comparison, the last time I did this one I ran and did 14+140m.. Thanks Maria

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