If you’re competing in the Games, please be registered for a class by 9pm tonight. If not, your name won’t be on the heat list. We will post the lists on the site and FB as soon as they are finished.

Judges, please let me know if you are able to help tomorrow night (and any special requests).

Strength – Hang Power Cleans 3×3

1000m Row
50 Pistols (150 squats)
50 HPC (185/135# or 70%)

Jenna is registered for the Games. Are you?!
Jenna is registered for the Games. Are you?!

37 thoughts on “Reminder”

  1. Hey everyone! Steph and I have to tackle the first Open WOD tonight, right after the announcement at 9 pm, instead of tomorrow with the rest of you all.

    If you want to come cheer us on, that would be nice! 🙂

  2. Valerie Arseneau

    For those not registered to the open with one of the below / similar reasons:
    – I just joined
    – I am still too new
    – I don’t know what the open is

    I say to you, come watch!! I did that last year as I “was too new” and I was blown away by the energy and thought “shoot, this looks like fun! Definitely doing it next year!.”

    If we cannot convince you, come convince yourself!

    Please us competitors appreciate the cheers 🙂

  3. I was new last year and competed anyway. It was a blast! I am not the competetive type, but I wanted to give the CrossFit Games a try and I was so glad I did. As Valerie states, if you don’t compete, come and cheer us on, we love the noise!

  4. Hang Power Cleans 3×3
    #35, #35 #45
    1000m Row
    150 squats
    50 HPC 45#

    17:29 not the time I was hoping for but I kept going and didn’t quit when I wanted to..

  5. HPC 3-3-3
    65-75-85PR for reps! 😀

    WOD for time (17min time cap)
    1000m row
    50 pistols scaled to 150 squats
    50 HPC done at 65#

    Time: 16:48

    Wow… Those squats killed me!!! Good WOD though 🙂 fun to have a small class of all girls

  6. Mob
    WU x1

    Little bit of line WU with the girls. 🙂

    HPC x 3

    60-65-85 (f, then complete but messy)

    Not a PR…I don’t know what happened, but 85# felt insanely heavy today.

    17 min cap

    1000m row
    150 air squats
    50 HPC 65#

    Time: 16:59


    I did the Open last year, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had (yes, including my injury: nothing like learning your limitations.) I learned a lot about myself, about the community we have at CFM, and I got to know SO MANY people I would never had to have a chance to meet due to conflicting schedules.
    I won’t be competing this year, but I still can’t wait to be there as a judge, a cheerleader, and most of all as a member of this magical world of CrossFit, where “impossible” is not an option.

  7. Funny exchange this AM:

    Me: “Kevin (Mack.), if I win the car with this Tim’s cup, I’m doing ALL your WOD burpees for you next month!”
    Kev: “Awesome!”
    Me: “Uh… I won a donut…”
    Kev. “What does that get me?”

  8. Mob
    WU x 2
    Lacross ball + extra mobility

    Strength – Hang Power Cleans 3×3
    60 – 80 – 100 (5) – 105 = 10# PR

    1000m Row – 4:02 mins
    100 squats… first time doing that many squats in a long time 🙂 but it still wasn’t 150 🙁
    50 HPC @ 70#

    43 HPC @ 17 min cap

    I was counting in increments of 5 so it might have been 48 but I rounded down because I wasn’t sure. I really slowed down at the end when I started to feel a little light headed… eh… not enough water these last couple of days I think…

  9. Patrick Arseneau

    Strength: HPC 3×3

    1000m Row
    50 Pistols
    50 HPC @ 95# (used 47% only due to Games Open tomorrow)

    Time: 9:54

    Pretty quiet at the gym today. Games season is definitely upon us!!! RUUUT! RUUUT!

  10. Mob + WU X2

    Strength : Hang Power Clean 3X3X3
    #40-#55-#65 ( 10# PR)

    1000m row
    50 pistols ( or 150 squats scaled to 100 ….these hurt big time)
    50 HPC ( 40#)

    Time: 13:47

    Next time I will push for those last 50 squats…legs were shaking big time after rowing.

  11. mob wux2 12 rep
    group wu

    hang power clean
    95×3 115×3 135×3 145×3

    1000 m row
    50 pistol (150 squat)
    50 hang power clean 100#


  12. MOB
    WU x 2

    Group wu

    Hang Power Clean
    45#(3) – 65#(3)PR – 75#(3)PR

    WOD for time ..
    – 1000m Row
    – 100 Squats
    – 50 Hang Power Clean @ 50#
    — Time Cap 17 min —

    Time : Hit time cap, not really sure how many HPC I got, it was kind of a blur… 🙂

  13. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – Grou pWU

    Hang Power Clean 3×3

    – 100m Row
    – 150 squats
    – 50 HPC @ 85#

    Time: 17:30

  14. Hi Kevin,

    Reminder i will not be able to make it tonight Krissie’s 30th dinner party @ MCSweeney’s, however after that i’m available when ever you need me (Fridays and weekends). I’ll be attending the Friday 415 classes so i can help setup as well.

    Thanks, Tara Ruest

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