Register for the Hopper!

Hopper Registration is open at 7am this morning! Also, don’t forget to register for the CFM 10 Year Party!

Snatch Day!

Work on a variation of the snatch (HPS, HS, PS, Snatch).

The coaches will be there to make sure you work on the best version for YOU. And make sure you’re doing it with great form. That’s what it’s all about anyway.

Cashout – 100 4-count Flutterkicks

Here’s a clip from the 2016 Hopper Event…


18 thoughts on “Register for the Hopper!”

  1. Group WU & MOB

    Snatch practice – need to get hips loose
    75# – 85#

    Cashout – 100 4-count Flutterkicks

  2. Snatch technique practice

    Power snatch

    Snatch 35×3

    Thanks for the tips Blake!

    Cash out – 400 4 count Flutter kicks

  3. WUx1 + CS
    Group WU & MOB

    Snatch practice

    Cashout – 100 4-count Flutterkicks

    way to go am peeps!

    Thanks Shane!

  4. Snatches

    Flutter kicks: 200 2 count

    Annie on the run from yesterday:
    14:38 Rx

    Clean complex:
    Clean pull + hang clean + push press + cluster

    DTown prep with Matt:
    EMOM 18 mins
    10 synchro WB
    10 alt box jumps
    10 alt HSPU
    10 synchro t2b – not synchro and not 10, this was bad haha
    10 synchro DL
    10 synchro burpee over bar

  5. Sorry for the short notice but I won’t be able to make it to the class today, please cancel my 6pm 🙂


    Still working from Hang position.
    Literally no weight (65#)

    Avoid using arms and let quads/hams/hips/glutes thrust weight up along torso and squat/dip below the bar to avoid arm lifting bar into place.

  7. Snatch day

    Cash out
    100 – 4ct flutter kicks
    (Time: 4.45)

  8. Great Workout today! Lots of lifts for practice at #65. Finally feel like I got the hang of this, thanks to Amanda’s help tonight. Feet on the ground, shrug and open hips lol! 400 single flutter kicks…

  9. Snatch day.
    I kept the weight light – 35, 55, & 65#
    Went thru the variations – HPS, HS, PS.

    No shoulder issues. And I’m starting to get the hang of it. I enjoy these lift technique days.

    Thanks for the tips, Shane!

  10. Hang Snatch


    100 Flutter kicks 4-cout

    Thanks for the tips coach Marcel!

  11. Christie Neate

    Snatches x3
    55-65-75# No PR today on these 🙁

    200 2 count flutterkicks.
    Thanks for the class Amanda!

  12. Worked on HPS and PS. #65 and #75. Should pinches on anything over head with weight higher then #75.

  13. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU + Mobility

    Snatch Practice

    Cashout – 100 4-count Flutterkicks

  14. Lisa MacLaughlin

    Snatch Day!

    Work on a variation of the snatch (HPS, HS, PS, Snatch).
    Worked around 35-40#
    Thanks for the tips Amanda

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