What happens to a car when you push it too hard into the red line? Even if you’ve never done it personally, you know it’s bad.

Have you ever thought about your body during a workout in the same way? I see it all the time – especially newer members. They think “high intensity = max effort”. There’s a flaw in that thought process.

Take a look at the video below. It’s Jason Khalipa from the 2009 Games. The first event was a 7km run and Jason started way too hard out of the gate. The result – his body shut down.

That’s the extreme case. But what we see in the gym after people take their body into the red zone is: hands on the knees, walking around, frequent trips to the chalk bucket/water bottle and lots of staring at the bar.

A recent example was Tabata Pushups. If you go all out in the first round, what happens in later rounds? Not a whole lot, because you won’t be doing many pushups at all. You’re spent.

Advice for upcoming WODs – maintain a steady pace. You’ll get a much better score/time if you go 80% for 100% of the time. Rather than 100% for 20% of the time (because then you’ll be toast for the remainder).

If you have any questions on pacing certain workouts, please don’t hesitate in asking a trainer.


Snatch Day


30 thoughts on “Red-lining”

  1. Snatch Day

    95×5 – 105×4 – 115×3 – 125×3 – 135×3 – 140×1 – 145×1

    Felt really good today. usually struggle around 135, but didn’t hit any walls today, only time. Might try to get 1RM in an open gym.

    Cashout Amrap 90 sec Pushups = 49.

  2. Snatch day!

    40x 3
    55 x 2 …………… stuck with this weight for the remainder of the class. Wanted to practice form and landing quick under.

    Cashout AMRAP pushups in 90s : 25

  3. Lab WUx2 with 35#
    Crossover symmetry
    Mobility-T-Spine and quads

    Back squat 5 reps

    More T-Spine mobility

    Slow 500m row-2:07

    Snatch day
    Lots of reps and missed reps
    Finally got the speed at the end. Thanks for the help Mario and for the WB demo Kevin. It helped! I’ll be working more on te snatch again soon

    Cash out: 90sex push-ups

  4. mobility
    wu x 2
    group wu
    burgener wu
    snatch review

    Wod: Snatch Day
    20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 F 40 for the remaining time

    cash out – max push ups for 90 sec. (Knees)
    score 50

  5. Mobility, WUx2
    group wu
    burgener wu

    WOD: snatch day

    15, 20,25, 30 for the rest

    cash out amrap push ups for 90 sec : 32

  6. Snatch Day

    40#-55#-65#-75# then back down to 65# to work on technique.

    I feel like I made significant progress today. I’ve never done a full squat @ 75# did 2 reps. I was always doing a power snatch and then an OHS. Felt very good today!

    Thanks for the tips Amanda and Mario!

    Cashout Amrap 90 sec Pushups = 40

  7. Snatch day!! I had so much fun at the nooner, thanks Mario and Steph!

    Worked my way up to 95#, then tried 100# but I had rushed it and failed it.. All good, was happy with my lifts today.

    Saw lots of great snatch progress in the gym today, great job everyone!

    Nice to see you Keith 🙂

    1. oh and I tweaked my shoulder yesterday so I subbed out the pushups for the cashout. I was going to do situps but Josh made me do v-snaps.

  8. Mob/ wu x2

    Group wu
    Burgener wu
    Snatch review
    Dropping safely

    Wod…..snatch day
    Wu @ 15

    Am rap pushups 90 secs
    Total: 26

  9. Mob / Scap Mob / Group Mob

    Snatch Day x 2
    Kept things nice and light.
    45 – 55 – 65 – 75 – 95 – 105 – 115

    Shoulder held up, so I was able to work on form a bit more.

    AMRAP Pushups – 90s
    Score: 40

  10. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – Group mob/wu

    Snatch: Up to 80#… Didn’t keep track of reps but probably about a million. Form felt way better towards the end but I have a lot of work to do!

    Max push ups: I have no idea. I did some push ups but when I went to write it down the number left my brain.

  11. M+WUx2

    Group WU
    Burgener WU
    Snatch review
    How to drop the bar

    Snatch day
    Work on snatch

    AMRAP 90sec pushups (from toes)
    Total: 32

  12. Mob + Wup x 1
    Group Wup

    Strength/Skill – Full Snatch
    35 x 1 (then failed the next attemtpt)
    15 x 2 (needed confidence)
    35, 40, 45, 50 x 1
    55 x 1 (made it to the top, but no squat)
    55 x 2 (felt like they were in slow motion)

    I really need to keep reminding myself that I can do this. This move scares me, but today was a 5lb per so I will take it.

    Cashout – AMRAP pushups in 90 secs
    Total = 35

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