Reassessment time

Covid has really thrown a wrench in our annual programming. We understand it’s not ideal, but this gives us a good assessment of your current abilities. We want your workouts to be working FOR you and not against you.

Some tests might go up, some might go down (I know some of mine have). Let’s go into the next couple weeks with an open mind and see what shakes out.

Squat Endurance

Upper Body Push



16 thoughts on “Reassessment time”

  1. Squat end. Completed Blue 1

    Upper Body. Failed blue (tabata 7. Missed 1 rep on 2nd last set + a few on the last)

    Core. Completed tabata 11.

  2. Squat Endurance: failed next level up, ran out of time to retest current or lower level – will do this next week.
    UB Push: failed current level, will retest next week at one level lower.
    Core: stayed same level. Will test DU skipping next week.
    Thanks Ingrid.

  3. Squat Endurance – Leveled up to BLUE II; .08x BW. Bad Idea for knee – – but glad it is done. Probably won’t get to retest this for awhile.

    Upper Body Push – Leveled up to YELLOW III – need that one perfect PU.

    Core – I am at Orange II, so until I can get a strict K2E … there I shall stay πŸ˜‰ Did Tabata Sit-ups x8 with the class.


  4. Squat Endurance: Levelled up from Brown 3 to Black 155# back squat for 20
    Upper Body Push: Levelled up from Brown 2 to Black 2 so 12 strict HSPU
    Core: Did the 11 Tabata sit ups

  5. Squat Endurance – Leveled up to Purple II; .16 x BW.

    Upper Body Push – Leveled up to Blue I – I was nervous about getting 5 PUs in a row and they felt great today can’t believe I did 10 and with enough time to try tabatha which I did.

    Core – I am at Orange II, so until I can get a strict K2E … there I shall stay πŸ˜‰ Did Tabata Sit-ups x 11 with the class.

    Christie I stole your post πŸ˜†

  6. Squat Endurance
    – Back squat .90BW x 20 reps (levelled up to Brown III)

    Upper Body Push
    – Tabata 6…I thought I hadn’t done this one before and was excited to level up…duh, next time

    – Did the Tabata 11 butterfly abmat situps

  7. Squat Endurance
    Previous – Brown (split squats @ 0.3 x BW)
    New Level – Brown I (20 reps @ 0.9 BW)

    Upper Body Push
    Previous – Brown III (6 strict HSPU)
    Today – Same level but 7 strict HSPU

    Previous – Purple III Annie (50-40-30-20-10 DU/SU) under 9:00
    Today – Attempted but skipping was crap so worked for 4 mins and stopped

    I day of testing done… πŸ™‚

  8. Squat Endurance – went from Orange II to Blue (and now I can’t feel my legs haha)
    Upper Body Push – Went from Orange to Orange II
    Core – Stuck at knees to elbows, so did tabata situps (11)

  9. Squat Endurance
    Blue III to Purple I (Split squats 0.23xBW 45#)

    UB Push
    Blue to Blue I (Tabata 8)

    Tabata 8 to Tabata 11

    Thanks Blake!!

  10. Split squats
    -no weight
    -20#tried this weight..right leg wouldn’t let me do it …fail

    UB Push
    -2 sets of 3 push-ups
    -5 push-ups
    Orange 2

    Tabata Situps
    – 10’S All sets
    Blue 2 for Situps

  11. Great pic, haha!

    WU and Mobility

    Squat Endurance @ .2 BW (Bulgarian Split Squats @ 25# per hand)
    Levelled up to Brown

    Upper Body Push
    3 Push-ups
    Levelled up to Orange 1
    Thanks for spotting me Cheryl!

    Neuro & Core
    Knees to Elbows are a no-go
    Tabata Situps @ 11 per round

    Fun morning!

  12. Squat endurance.
    Previous 1.0bw brown 3
    Today 1.05 bw. Black

    Upper body push
    Previous Tabata pushups max blue 2
    Today 120 press. .65 bw. Blue 3

    Previous blue.
    Today purple 3. Annie in 8:50
    Glad to get those knees to elbows out of the way.

    Overall glad with how things went today. Though my level didn’t move at all…. So that’s disappointing.

  13. Squat Endurance
    Black I to Red (20 Back Squats @1.25 BW 190#)

    Upper Body Push
    Press – Attempted 0.7 BW failed (Need to work on this)

    Tabata Situps – 1st round 11 then 12 for remainder for fun

    Merci Ingrid!

  14. Squat Endurance: Levelled up from Black 3 to Red 250# back squat for 20

    Upper Body Push: no changes. Tabata 7 only completed 5 rounds as shoulder was dead

    Core: Did the 9 Tabata sit ups. Should have done 11s.

  15. Squat Endurance: Levelled up from Blue to Purple

    Upper Body Push: no changes. Tabata 8 only completed 5 rounds

    Core: Did the 11 Tabata sit ups.
    Thanks Marcel

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