Ready for a good time?

OHS x5
Build up to heavy

Muscle-up Review

5 rounds
5 Muscle-ups (x2 pullups)
5 OHS (135/95#/heavy)

3 thoughts on “Ready for a good time?”

  1. OG
    Front Squats
    Deck of Death (subbed running for rowing)

    10am Class
    Muscle Up Review
    3 sets of strict pull ups x3
    Practiced ring dips

    WOD 5 Rounds
    5 MUs (scaled to 10 pullups)
    5 OHS @55#
    Time: 6:15

    Thanks Ron and Alaina

  2. Beat my pre-op PR of 5×70# ohs today!

    5×75# ohs

    Scaled back to 55# and ring rows for the wod.

    Thanks Ron

  3. Worked up to 55# for my OHS – snatched each round, felt good!

    Wod with 55# and ring rows

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