Qualifier Day!

Today, we’ll be doing one of the Qualifier events that has already taken place. It will be on the whiteboard when you show up. Come prepared for anything…could be running.


What the gym looked like on Day 1
What the gym looked like on Day 1

8 thoughts on “Qualifier Day!”

  1. Well, I love mystery WOD…..humm not really!

    Wow, you did a good job on the gym…doesn’t look the same at all now!!

  2. Wow!! I would never have known it was the same gym.
    Beautiful day…lots and lots of sun and two w/o’s to boot!

    Michael (all-in-one)
    1.5 miles (slow/easy jog)
    150 good mornings
    150 sit-ups

    2 rounds of the following:
    5 pull-ups (jumping)
    10 sit-ups
    15 push press
    15 pull-ups
    10 sit-ups
    5 push press

    10 push-ups
    15 sit-ups
    20 kettle bell 35#
    20 push-ups
    15 sit-ups
    10 kettle bell

    15 K2E
    20 sit-ups
    25 box jumps (run-ups)
    25 K2E
    20 sit-ups
    15 box jumps
    Round 1 – 10:50
    Round 2 – 10:42
    Have a great day everyone…play hard; enjoy the sunny day 🙂

  3. Warm x 2

    WOD: Mid Atlantic Qualifier
    2K row (beurk!!)
    6 rounds of
    -20 box jumps
    -10 wall ball

    Time: 24:00

    Box jumps after 2K row was horrible!! But with crossfit it’s always like that!! 🙂

    Nice sunny day today!! I am sure Krista is on her bike!! I might go take a ride to the gym to cheer the Crossfit moncton reps preparing for the game!!

  4. CFWU X 2
    Row 2k
    6 rounds of 10 box jumps
    5 wall balls
    After being off for long it was tough but good. Welcome back Jeanette.

  5. 3 wods today was brutal, but I’m glad we did it. We picked some brutal ones too.

    1st – Row 2k, then 6 rounds of: 20 box jump, 10 wall ball


    2nd – 6 rounds of: 30 squats, 10 chest to bar pullups, 5 clean to overhead (155#)


    3rd – 5 rounds of: 7 deadlift (275), 30 squats, 7 HSPUs

    Did 4 rounds in 20 minutes. This was by far the hardest.

    Oh, and between wod 1 and 2, Pierre and I rolled 2 giant tires for 2 km. We now have a 150# tire and a 500# tire.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow’s 6k run!

  6. Good lord! holy heck on the legs!

    You are very correct MC – out on the bike in the wind! holy moly. myself and 2 other gals started in dieppe, went out dover road to memram, around pres d’en haut/belliveau orchard and back in. only 45km in just under 2 hours but we fought for every inch – man the wind was NUTS! i’ve never seen the water so choppy in pres d’en haut before! pedaling for all you’ve got DOWNhill and only going 20km/h really sucks

    tomorrow is a planned 85-90km ride with PILES of hills (upper mountain road, turtle creek, caledonia mountain to name a few YIKES!) then back to some weights again! YAY!

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