Push it real good

Best of luck to all our athletes competing in the Spring Fling this weekend!

Sled Push Relay
Partner A 20m
Partner B 20m
Partner A 20m
Partner B 20m

Rest (while others attempt)

Complete 3 rounds in total.
*can go up in weight if desired*

AMRAP 12 min
10 T2B (kickouts)
8 Shoulder Press (75/50#/50%)

What was Tracie aiming for?
What was Tracie aiming for?

1 thought on “Push it real good”

  1. 9am LAB

    Mob + WUx2 + Glute Ball

    Deadlift x20
    *20 situps after each set
    … same speed as if deadlifting 300+. Good grip and hamstring burner.

    Row 5 mins @ 2:00/500m
    = 1263m (damper 7, ~28 SPM)

    10am CLASS

    Sled Push 20m
    90# (empty sled) – 180# – 225#
    … thats always fun. Fiou!

    WOD Rx = 9 + 1 T2B Rx
    … T2B were split 4-3-3 in all rounds. Averaged 1:20 per round, first round done in 1:00 so fairly consistent I’d say! No issues with shoulder press, all fast and unbroken.

    Good job everyone, thank for the push CAM!

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