Pumping Iron

Every woman needs to read this articleWarped Beauty Standards

Bench Press

Compare to July 14/10

Damn right!

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  1. Great article – Great photo — and LOVE the t-shirt!!
    So if we wanted to add one to our Christmas list, where would we find one??
    Also… looking for ideas for other paleo-related books to read; or, has anyone has found any good cookbooks (paleo-related)?

    1. I bought a book called the Grain-free gourmet and I love it… It’s not paleo per say because some of the recipes include low lactose dairy products, but there are still many recipes in it that are paleo friendly or easily adaptable 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture of Amanda 🙂 nice to see a pic of someone smiling! I love the shirt too and can’t wait to read the article too.

    Have a great day everyone!

  3. Mob+20 Burpees+WUx1

    Bench Press x3

    55 65 75 85 95×1 90

    Last time max was 80# happy with the PR! Hope to see you all at the Christmas party tomorrow but if not have a great weekend! 2 weeks till Christmas eve! HoHoHo!

  4. Well now, I accidentally deleted all of the Saturday classes. If you were registered for tomorrow, please do so again. Sorry for the mistake.

  5. 20 burpees

    Bench Press 3x

    95-115-125-135×2-135×1-135×3 (this was my 1RM)

    Thanks for the motivation Corinna 🙂

  6. WU x 1
    20 burpees

    Bench Press 3x
    75-95-110-120-125-130-135 (1 rep,failed on 2nd)

    This was my first time attempting a 1 RP max for bench press and I quite enjoyed this WOD.

    Thank you as well Pat for your encouragement Patrick.

    Awesome job Chantal on your almost 8 rounds!!!!

  7. Hey Kevin, can you free up my 5h30, I definitely cant make it.

    Will try to get an earlier spot if theres some available once I know whats in store for me this PM…

  8. I liked the article but I do not really identify with being afraid of bulking up. I wouldn’t mind bulking up but alas, my butt still does not fill out any of my pants. I felt I had to express my feelings of inadequacy in the booty department thus:

    There once was a lady named Jane
    Who quested for booty in vain
    Squat as she might
    Lunging day and night
    No junk in her trunk did she gain.

    Next week, stay tuned for “AN ODE TO THE LOSS OF MY BOOBS”
    Happy Friday! 🙂

  9. Hey guys, I received (25) Paleokits.

    I will leave them at the gym tonight.

    I will sell them for $5….. it will be easier that way since you won’t have to bring change.

  10. Mobility
    WU X1
    20 burpees

    Bench Press x3


    Have a great weekend everybody! Wishing you lots fun at your Christmas party!

  11. WU x 1
    20 Burpees

    Bench Press – 3RM
    65×3-70×3-75×2-75×3-80(F) Felt like something was crushing my chest.-80×1

    Great job everyone! 😀

  12. Mobility+20 Burpees

    Bench Press X3

    Great push 4:15 crew!

    Great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  13. Bench Press:
    45×3 – 55×3 – 65×3 – 75×3 – 85×3
    95(F) – 90×1

    1st time to try the bench press…. not too bad, but will need work on the technique as the weight gets heavier in the future.

    Have a Great weekend…. (love the poem Jane!)

  14. Mob + 20 Burpees

    Bench Press x3

    What Pierre said was true, it gets harder past your bodyweight.

    Good job everyone!

  15. Mobility

    20 burpees
    CFWU x 1

    bench press x 3

    95-135-155-175-185-190 PR 🙂

    Did 195 x 2

    Previous PR 170 x 1 Dec. 9/09

    Great job 5:30 crew!

  16. WU
    20 burpees

    Strength Bench press x3


    my previous 1RM max was 225.

  17. CFWU x1
    20 burpees

    Bench Press:
    1x 45
    3x 55-65-75-85-95(1)

    As for my shirt – I love it as well! I was in Orlando in November and we went shopping (of course) and I saw this on the clearance rack in the Nike Factory store and was excited that it fit, there was just one left. I don’t even really like purple, but I sure do love that $6 tshirt. 🙂

    I don’t know that I ever thought of strong as beautiful before…but at this point in my life, I can’t think of a quality more beautiful for a woman than to be strong. I think probably because I know that in order to be strong physically, you must also be strong mentally & emotionally as well.

    I loved the article. And I LOVED the bottom picture.

      1. O sorry that was a typo… It was 350 for me… in my pants!!! lol
        Congrats to the new champ Andrew. We’ll have to check if he wears makeup to cover his green skin.

  18. Mobility
    20 burpees
    WU x 1
    Bench Press x3
    95-135-175(fail due to charlie horse) 175 x 2 (Ed and Kevin coached me on Breathing) 175 x 2 almost…. 170 x 3 (pr) sorted out the breathing, reseting thing and the third one actually went up pretty easy… should have tried 175 again.
    Next time.
    Great work 6:30 crew!
    Andrew…. Wow!

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