Pull and Push

Tonight, at 9pm, we’ll have a live viewing of the 18.3 release. Come by the gym if you get a chance.

And if you’re competing tomorrow, I’d suggest taking today as a rest day. Again, once we find out the workouts, we’ll post various options on Zen Planner, create a heat list, and it will be posted at the gym on the whiteboard. If you’re able to judge, please sign up under any name.

AMRAP in 40 min
500m Row
50′ Sled Push

Elissa – the only one smiling during 18.2

2 thoughts on “Pull and Push”

  1. Big noon class so we did the WOD partner-style, alternating every round

    WOD Rx w/ Blake = 15 rounds + 200m
    (first 4 rounds done @ 50′, rest done @ 100′ sled push)

    Thanks for the push Blake!

    1. Fun times buddy! I was happy we were able to keep a pretty consistent pace in the rows… even as the sled pushes got worse and worse!

      Crazy bunch of nooners!

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