Pull all the things!

We have an 8 day streak of not a single no-show!! Let’s keep that going!!

Rope Climbs

Sled Pulls

Row 50 calories for time

Remi the Machine
Remi the Machine

42 thoughts on “Pull all the things!”

  1. Mob. and WUx1 plus 20 cal. row
    Rope Climbs: got halfway up once then worked on progressions
    Sled Pulls: #25, #45, #75
    Row 50 cal. Time: 2:45
    Great class everyone!!! Awesome rope climbing Natacha, Gabe and Heidi 🙂

      1. haha I threaten to call the whaaaambulance on Liam all the time.

        (I wonder if Daniel Davey will show up?)

    1. “Climb that rope”
      “…But it hurts”
      “Want me to call the Whaaaambulance?”


  2. Mobility and WUx1 + 20 cal. row

    Rope Climbs: worked on pulling self off ground and footwork on rope
    Sled Pulls: #25, #45, #55

    Row 50 cal. Time: 4:27

  3. I pulled myself up the rope a few times (spanish wrap, scissor wrap, no feet).

    I pulled the sled a few times (45-70-80#)

    I pulled the oar on the rower about 50 times (50 cal in 1:37)

    Then I couldn’t pull my jacket on because my arms were missing.

  4. Open Gym

    Mobility and WUx1 + 20 cal. row

    Row 50 cal. Time: 2:29

    Row 10k Time 45:29 518 cals
    this was not fun…

    Although it’s interesting that I can row 10k faster than I can jog it.

  5. Mob + WU x1

    Hang Power Clean x10

    C2B Pullups:
    3×20 reps, rest 2 min btwn
    – 0:00-0:59 (7-7-6 reps, 0:59)
    – 2:59-4:06 (7-6-7 reps, 1:07)
    – 6:06-7:49 (7-4-4-5 reps, 1:43)

    WOD: Row 50 calories = 1:59

    Note: Did a few rope climbs here and there this morning, left elbow didnt seem to mind. #recovery

  6. MOB
    Group Mob

    did a rope climb before class started hands felt like i left them on a fryer, so opted out of the rest of that skill work.

    Did 2 rounds of the sled pulls 45 and 90

    Row 50Cal

    Thanks Mario!

  7. Lots of mobility.
    Rope climb x
    50 call row-2:15
    Peer pressured into a Wod with Darryl
    Power cleans-ab mat sit up-Russian kbs
    14:38 I think

  8. WU × 1
    20 cal. row

    Group MOB

    Grippy morning

    Rope climb × 2
    First attempt= halfway point, second attempt got a little higher. Will now be a week getting ropey bits out of my tights!

    Sled pulls
    25, 45, 70

    50 calorie row = 3:43

    Fun morning with the always encouraging (and strong) 6 amers. Love ya!

  9. I came in to do mobility today and to see how rowing, felt so I rowed the warm up calories (20) in one min and thought 50 would take about 1:40. So with the help of Jeff(standing on the back of the rower) and Steph (watching the time) and a gym full of encouragement I started pulling. I pulled till there was nothing left and my prize was………………..

    50calories in 1:16

    I’m not gonna lie I almost make the pukie wall today lol.

  10. Rope climb: Made it all the way up. I need to remember NOT TO WEAR SHORTS!!! #ropeburn
    Sled Pulls: 45# – 70# – 80#! Ouch! #ropeburn

    WOD: 50 Cal row for time
    My time: 2:59 (was hoping for better, but need to work on technique – thanks Amanda for pointing it out! I felt a difference immediately!)

  11. WU x 1 + 20 cal. row

    Sled pulls: 25-45-70

    Rope Climbs: Managed to hit the “easy” button twice. Last time I chickened out before getting to the top.

    50 Calorie Row: 3:21

  12. WUx1 + 20 cal row

    Rope Climb: practiced getting rope around foot and pulling myself up, attempted first rope climb and got maybe 1/3 of the way up 🙂 Thanks for holding the rope Krista!

    Sled pull

    50 calories row

    Thanks Mario!

  13. WU × 1 + 20 cal. row
    Group wu
    Skill & Stuff
    Rope climb × 2
    Sled pulls
    25, 45, 70

    WOD : 50 calorie row for time

    Time = 3:54

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