10RM Press

3RM Weighted Dips

Max Handstand Hold

All presses. All different. Great way to build strength. Enjoy!

Matt lunges with a sandbag
Matt lunges with a sandbag

37 thoughts on “Presses”

  1. Mobility
    Warm up x2 (8reps)
    Group warm up
    10 RM press: 15, 35, 40 (×10), 45 (×5)
    Weighted dips (with bands)
    Max handstand hold: 1:12 minutes

    Fun class Patrick….great job 6 amers

  2. Worked on weighted pistols
    10# plate x 10 reps
    Group warm up

    10 RM press:
    Weighted ring dips x 3
    3 x strict -3 x15# dumbell- 2 x 20# weighted vest
    Max handstand hold: 57 seconds

    Fun class!

  3. Sorry for late notice, but can u cancel Amy’s noon appt. She is held up at an appointment. If she happens to get out in time she will still show up.

  4. 10RM Press
    35 45 50 (boo)

    3RM Weighted Ring Dips
    BW BW 10# 10# 12.5#x2

    Max Handstand hold
    1:08 (shoulders were fine but I haven’t been upside down for a prolonged period in a long time, the head rush was getting to be too much)

    Goat – 500m Row 1:58.6

  5. Mobility
    Group WU

    10RM Press (nice sharing the bar with you Bob)
    35, 45, 55 -8 reps bummer

    3RM Weighted Dips
    – with band

    Max Handstand Hold
    – 48 seconds 🙁 have held longer. Today wasn’t my day.

    Practiced Wall balls @ 14#

    Great class Patrick!

  6. 10RM Press
    95-105-100(8 reps)

    3RM Weighted Ring Dips

    Max Handstand hold

  7. Press x 10
    — 95 – 105 – 100 (6)
    Need to drop the weight and focus on not arching my back on the tough reps

    Weighted Ring Dips x 3
    — BW – 20# – 40# – 53# (1)

    Max. Handstand Hold
    — 56 sec

    All in all a good day as far as wrist recovery goes. Fun change of pace!

  8. MOB, WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    10 x max Weight Shoulder press.
    45, 95, 105. 95
    Was pretty sore from HSPU the day before so didn’t reach my full potential on the shoulder press.

    Weighted dips x 3
    20, 40, 53, 70×2
    Tried the vest for the first two but I did not like the bulk of the vest through the range of motion. Went with the hanging kettle bell for the last two. Also leaned a valuable lesson. Don’t jump upward to adjust the 53lbs kettle bell dangling between your legs. Almost threw up. Lol

    Max time Handstand – 47 seconds
    Again, my shoulder were done from the HSPU the day prior.

  9. Mob
    Wu- foam roll
    Group wu
    10rm press- 45-65-75-85-95#
    Dips- red bandx3- purlpe band x 3
    Failed with no bands damn it!!!!!
    Max hand stand hold- 2:05

  10. Warm Up x 2

    Group Mobility

    Skipped shoulder press due to elbow pain.

    Backsquat 1x to 235

    Ring Dips 3x

    Hand Stand Hold: 1:15

    Cash Out: Weighted Push Ups with 40# sandbag

  11. Mobility
    WU x 2 (8 reps)

    Group mobility

    10RM Shoulder Press

    3RM Ring Dips
    5 sets of 3 holds and negatives

    Max handstand hold
    1/4 sec…but then I did it again and got 1:02 🙂
    My head doesn’t hurt anymore…glad no one caught the first attempt on video 🙂

  12. Mob
    Group warm up
    10RM Press
    55×5 (twice)
    3RM Ring Holds
    Max Handstand Hold
    Could have held longer but the bottom of my palm was hurting!
    Thanks Kevin

  13. Mob + WUx1 + Group WU

    Press 10RM
    65-85-105# (PR)

    RIng Dips, Weight 3RM
    15-25-35-45# (PR)

    Handstand Hold = 1:01

    GHD Situps – 3×14
    GHD Hip Ext. – 3×14

    E2MOTM – 5 Rounds
    Wallballs 28# – 12-14-16-18-20 reps
    (R1-3 unbroken, R4 15-3, R5 8-7-5 reps) … kinda rough. 80 WB within 10 mins.

    Good sessions today. Thanks for sharing the bar guys, and thanks Jenn for doing wallballs with me)

    1. Thanks for the invite! You rocked that 28#!
      Include me in from now on for any extra skill work 🙂

  14. Nice class. Needed it tonight!
    WU x 2 @ 8 reps
    Shoulder Press 35 x 5
    40 x 10
    45 x 10
    50 x 5
    3 RM weight dip with box assistance
    Hand stand hold 20 sec

  15. 10RM Press

    3RM Weighted Dips
    Scaled to 3x5sec Hold
    3Rounds of Slow Negatives

    Max Handstand Hold
    Maybe 30? or less than… Certainly not a PR by any means. My shoulders are TOAST.

    Cashout= 20WB @ 20# 10′

    E2MOTM with Super-Mario
    Wallballs 14#
    (All unbroken till my last set of 20.. Went 10-6-4)

  16. mob wux1
    group mob wu

    10 RM shoulder press

    3 RM weight dip
    BW-BW-BW-15(2) First ever weighted dip 🙂

    hand stand hold

    time: 2 seconds Have to work on handstand holds

    Worked on power snatch @85# with Dad. Really tried to work on the technique of it. You know us Carroll boys.. gotta open those hips!

  17. WU x 2 (8 reps)

    Group WU

    Shoulder Press x 10

    45-85-95-105 F got 9 reps

    Weighted Dips


    Handstand Hold 45 sec

    Worked on some T2B. Good work tonight Chris, great sharing the bar tonight.

  18. mob wux1
    group mob wu

    10 RM shoulder press

    3 RM weight dip

    hand stand hold

    time: 36 seconds

    Great sharing the bar with ya Marcel! Thanks for the T2Bs tips 🙂

  19. Mob + WU x 2
    Group WU

    10RM Press
    45# (WU) – 75# – 80# – 85# the last few of those included grunting, cursing and strange faces

    3RM Weighted Dips – scaled to 5 x 3 sec holds with just a little bit of weight on the tip of my toes. Then Kevin showed me how to do the full dip with the weight on my heals… like ring rows.

    Max handstand hold – scaled to OH dumbbell holds @ 30# for about 35 secs. The ‘shakier’ they got the more the dumbbells were making noise… by the end I felt like I was holding on to jingle bells 😉

    500 m row : 1:59:8

    Great class Kevin! Thanks for the marshmallow foundation analogy 🙂

  20. WU x 2 (8 reps)

    Group WU

    Shoulder Press x 10

    35-45-50-55(5) failed then did 5 more

    Practiced ring dip holds

    Handstand Hold – 1:19

    Did 30 wall balls at 14# mostly 9ft till Jenn told me to do 10 ft lol

    Practiced T2B…gotta practice all movements for Open… Thanks for the tips Marcel!!! You would be an awesome coach!! 😉

  21. Loved the focus from everyone today! Strong foundations!!

    Press x10

    Ring dips x3
    35-50-70-80(F)-Charlie on my back x3

    Handstand hold
    2 min (PR)

  22. – Mob
    – WUx2 (8 reps)

    Press x10:

    Ring dips x3 (negatives)

    Overhead dumbbell hold 30#:
    51s … Right arm really slowly started to come down towards the end and there didn’t seem to be a whole lot I could do about it :/

  23. Mob
    wu x2 8 reps

    Press x 10
    35-40-45-50(only once)

    Weighted dips with 20# x 10
    Tried a ring dip ( with help of box )

    Over head dumbell hold 15# – 40 seconds
    Practiced handstand hold at home

  24. Mob + Wup x 1
    Group Mob

    10 rep max for press
    5 x 35 (bar only)
    10 x 40, 45, 50, 55

    Ring Dip
    3 x body weight
    3 x body weight
    3 x body weight

    Max time for Handstand Hold = about 57 secs

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