Preggo WOD

Bring a pillow to stuff in your shirt for this CrossFit Mom workout!

Row 500m, then,
Push Press (115/75#)

Compare to Oct.8/11


4 thoughts on “Preggo WOD”

  1. Preggo WOD
    500m Row
    Push Press 55#
    Pushups (on rings from knees)


    1:57 PR from the last Preggo WOD day but at that time I had a pillow belly and 12# vest, today was real life baby belly and (we’ll not mention the #).

    Happy Turkey Weekend everyone! Thanks for coming out for a fun WOD and all being good sports about your pillow bellies 🙂
    We’ve had lots of CrossFitting Moms and Moms to be at the gym. It’s not easy when you’re not allowed to do everything you could do pre-pregnancy, having to hold yourself back when all your CrossFitting life you’ve been told to go hard, it’s a change of mindset and after a few months a change of movements, getting used to working around a growing belly and dealing with all of your workouts/movements being weighted. BUT it’s a fun ride and all worth it. Thanks to all the Mom’s before me who inspired me 🙂 I’m proud to be in the preggo/mommy group.

  2. Preggo WOD: 11:57

    Fun morning.

    You will be an amazing mom Joanna just as you are a wonderful wife to Kevin! Dropped by the new gym after this morning’s WOD. Wowsers, we are going to love this new box!

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