Posting results

Why do people post their results on the site? They have a journal. Isn’t that good enough?

Some members feel that it’s a spot for those with “good times” to post their results. It’s not. It’s a place for everyone to post their results, regardless of your ability.

Here’s a list of great reasons to post your results on the site.

  • It’s easy access to your results. Just click on the “compare to” date and you’re instantly taken to your scores. No need to flip through countless pages in your journal.
  • If you lose your journal, there’s a secure record online.
  • If you’ve been coming to the gym for quite some time, you’ll eventually fill your current journal. Keeping records online eliminates the need to bring multiple journals to the gym.
  • The trainers are able to see your results and know how you’re progressing.
  • You’re able to write about points of the strength or workout you’d like to improve upon.

Remember, it’s not about bragging or comparing your results to others. It’s about YOU and YOUR progress. If you haven’t posted your results before, start today.

3 rounds for time of:
50 SDHPs, 45#
21 Burpees
50 Lunges

Compare to Feb.16/09

Another great reason to post online!

77 thoughts on “Posting results”

  1. Well Joe is very happy that he made the Crossfit Site! I’m very happy to be sporting a new pink WOD book 🙂

    Strength: Front Squat X 5
    Tipping forward on last reps. Need concentration on chest high and knees out.

    WOD Scaled
    21 SDHP 35#
    21 Burpees
    21 Lunges
    Time: 18:53

    Found this morning very difficult. Burpees always slow me down and lunges are far from perfection, still need to work on getting my knee to the ground and not using my hands to help me back to a standing position…..just one hard morning for me.

    Brighter side, happy 40th birthday to Kid Rock 🙂

    1. Great post Cheyenne 🙂 Your dog is so cute! My dogs have almost done the same thing to my WOD book a few times… Gotta love’em!!!

      1. ahh Its your dog! He sure is cute. with the chewing.. i was wondering if it might have been Micha hehe.

  2. Deadlift 3x

    WOD: 3 rounds for time of:
    50 SDHPs, 45#
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges


    This was the kind of workout that keeps on hurting for a few minutes after you’re done. I like that cause you know your body benefits for it.

    Great job this morning!

  3. CFWU x2

    Strength: Cleans
    5x 60-65-70-80-90


    3 rounds:
    – 21 SDHP
    – 21 burpees
    – 21 lunges

    T = 12:36

  4. WU x2
    Push Jerk x3 (cleaned from floor no rack)
    70 75 80 95 105×2 split jerk

    3 Rounds
    50 SDHP #45
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges
    Time – 20:32

    Push Jerks felt pretty good PR for reps even though it was a split. Wod was not easy for me. Need a mental break I think. Nice job rest of the morning peeps.

  5. WU x 2
    Strength: Shoulder Press x 1
    70-8-90-100(matched PR) 105- (failed…almost!)

    WOD: 3 rounds
    50 SDHP (45#)
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges

    Time: 18:48
    The first round was the toughest for me!! My mind and body felt tired this morming. The pain storm lasted pretty much til the end but despite the storm, I thought it was a good WOD.

    Love your dog Cheyenne, however I must admit your ceramic tiles caught my eye as well.

    Good job morning crew!

  6. WU x 2
    Strength: deadlifts (1 rep)
    135-140(pr)-145(pr)-150(pr)-155(pr)-160(pr) 🙂

    WOD 3 rounds (scaled)
    21 SDHP (45#)
    21 Burpees
    21 lunges
    Time 12:06
    That was a tough WOD (and I only did the scaled version)

  7. WU X2
    Strength: Front squat (3x)

    WOD 3 rounds of
    50 SDHP (45#)
    21 Burpees
    50 lunges

    Time – 24:02

    Wow…what a workout! The last few burpees almost became ‘vomits’.
    That’s the first time this happens to me. ouff…I’m going to bed early tonight.
    Good job people!! 🙂

  8. WUx2
    95×5 115×5 135×5 155×5 165×5 Pr for weight
    50 sdhp
    21 burpees
    50 lunges

  9. CFWU x 2

    Front Squat

    5x 95
    1x 135
    1x 185
    1x 205
    1x 215
    1x 225 PR

    WOD: 3 rounds of…

    50 SDHP # 45
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges


    WOW!! I did the first round in exactly 6:00 and then things went to shit.

    However, happy to do this one. Good for the mental toughness. 😉

  10. Cleans – 3RM

    WOD: —> 18:23

    Great race Jamie! You made me push a little harder.

    Need another reason to post?
    Just take a look. If we didn’t post our results we wouldn’t have so much positive feedback and encouragement for each other. Posting your results helps build the community. 😀

      1. Jamie,,, SDHP souNds like your specialty! I almost died doing them.. you said it was the “break” of the workout! HA! 😛

  11. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Push Jerk x 3

    WOD – 3 Rounds for time of
    50 SDHPs 45#
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges

    Time: 18:14

    That sucked, but it was fun!

  12. Push jerks 3s
    95-105-115-125-135 (haven’t gone that heavy in a long while because of my shoulder, felt good!) (PR for reps!!)

    WOD with 45# bar – 17:07

  13. Deadlift 3RM –> 135-185-225-255-285

    WOD –> 14:37

    Did the SDHP unbroken, burpees were good 1st round, slow 2nd and 3rd. Lunges were steady.

  14. WU x2

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    5x 35-40-45-50-55
    Tried 60 x2


    3 rounds:
    – 21 SDHP
    – 21 burpees
    – 21 lunges

    T = 18:15

    WoW! That was a tough one to come back to after almost a month off….but it feels good to get back!

  15. Power Cleans x5 (first time since Nov.22)
    95-135-155-175-185 (pr for reps – weird)

    WOD @ 45# and stationary lunges

    Kept SDHP unbroken and lunges in 2 sets. Burpees hard as always. Very happy with under 13.

    Great job everyone. Keep the posts coming!

  16. WU X2
    Strength: OHS (x3)
    45~55~60~65 (ran out of time to try one more)

    WOD: 3-Rounds of the scaled version
    ~ 21 SDHP @ 45
    ~ 21 Burpees
    ~ 21 Lunges
    TIME –> 15:19

    Tough workout, even at the scaled version.

    I love reading everyone’s posts after a workout. The ‘regulars’ are pretty faithful at posting, but it would be nice to start seeing some new names added to the mix!

  17. WU x 2
    Strength Dead lift 1’s
    135 – 1
    185 – 1
    215 – 1
    245 – 1
    270 – 1 PR

    WOD 3 rnds for time 2 45#
    50 SDHP
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges

    Time 20:48
    Very tough but glad I took on the prescribed version. I had all ready scheduled tomorrow off and that may be a good thing!

  18. WU

    50 burpees for missing a class…

    WOD with 45 lbs and stationary lunges


    I dropped the bar twice..

    did 50 more burpees.


  19. CW x 2
    Worked on Power Clean Technique. Made a decision to work on technique for a rotation or two. Getting PRs are nice, but I want my lifts to look smoother.

    WOD with 45lbs
    Time – 17:07

    This was not fun.
    Usually in a WOD, I look forward to one part…but not this one.

  20. CW x 2
    OHS 3RM: 65-85-95-105-115(f)
    WOD @ 45 – 18:23 min

    Broke down only the last 2 rounds of SDHP. But the burpees and lunges were ssssllloooowwww!
    YUK!! This is the kind of workout that will be impossible to do alone.

  21. WUx2

    Strength – OHS X5
    45-65-70-75-80-95(PR for reps) These really feel great 🙂

    WOD: 3 rounds of:
    50 SDHP 45#
    21 burpees
    50 lunges

    Time: 16:49

    Great job 6:30 crew!

  22. WU x 2

    Overhead Squats: 50-55-60-60.
    Ran out of time for last lift. Lower back still a bit off, so kept weight at 60#.

    3 Rounds of 500m Row
    21 burpees
    50 stationary lunges
    Time: 18:16

    I really liked this one.

  23. WU x2 (dips subbed for push ups)
    Strength: Deadlifts x5

    WOD: 3 Rounds of
    50 SDHP #45
    21 Burpees
    50 Lunges

    Time: 19:38

  24. CFWU X 2
    Push Press (5’S)
    45-55-60-65-70 (my wrist felt stronger today)

    WOD (scaled)
    3 rounds
    21 SDHP
    21 Burpees
    21 Lunges
    time 13:38

    Did first 2 sets of SDHP unbroken.

  25. CFWU x 2

    Squat Cleans x 1

    95-135-155-165-185 did power clean on last rep tried squat clean and failed


    As Rx’d Time: 20:06

    Didn’t mind the SDHP, but the burpees sucked extra hard tonight.

  26. Karen (CF Fredericton)

    I am still amazed that I now have the confidence to work out at other gyms. I would not have done this a year ago!

    Warm up (including chin ups with the band) I am a long way from a real chin up

    Box Squats – build to 120 x 5

    Was supposed to build to 125 which would match my PR but I chickened out in the new gym – the reck felt a little funny because of the lip and the box was an actual box so I was out of my comfort zone –

    the 120 was pretty solid tho


    3 Rounds of

    21 Sumo Deadlift high pulls 35#
    21 burpees
    21 Walking lunges

    Time: 15: 35

    this was pretty difficult and the high pulls felt awkward as it was the first time I did them oh – and I HATED the burpees tonight – felt like moving through molasses or something thicker and stickier.

    I pretty much always post my results and I am far from one of the “good scores” – but it keeps me accountable and forces me to reflect on the workout after the burn and the pain is over which allows for a more realistic view. I have posted on the CF Fredericton site and thought I would post here too as Kevin in encouraging people to do it.

    Oh and by the way, my dog as eaten my journal twice, after the first time I re-entered all my entries – then he ate it again – ugh!

    Thanks to everyone for being so friendly.

  27. WU X 3 (practice strict pull ups on green band)

    Back Squat x 5

    3 Rounds of:
    50 SDHP
    21 Burpees
    50 lunges

    Kevin, Im so excited to start rounds of 1’s soon 😀
    thang you for making me do 5’s two rotations.. seriously.
    it really made me gradually get stronger.

  28. I modified my workout to 40 SDHP / 21 Burpees / 40 lunges. I felt like I wanted to do more than the 21… but less then the 50…

    and I forgot to get my time! ill get it in the morning.

  29. CFWU x 2
    Push press 3RM
    WOD Rx’d -> 15:32 I think. Forgot to write it down. Kevin can you double check that for me in the AM 😀 Love you 2

  30. WUx2
    Strength = Back Squats x 5
    95-145-165-185-190 (PR for reps)

    WOD (Scaled)
    21 SDHP
    21 Burpees
    21 Lunges
    Time: 13:04

    This was a rough one, but a good leg burner. Stairs will be a little slower for me tomorrow.
    Great work 6:30 crew!

  31. Wu x2
    Strenght back squats 1’s

    Form was horrible today, I could feel my knees caving inside. Practice w 95#..

    WOD scale

    Time= 14:08

    This is the type of WOD where I kept thinking to myself “I can’t believe I’m paying to this!! I bet I couldn’t pay most people to this WOD”. Lol yes, it was hard breathing was heavy felt my throat on fire the whole time. Drank some water but didn’t want a drink 2 much. Scared of being sick. I felt great after..

  32. WUx2
    Shoulder Press x10

    WOD – 16:16
    A tough one for sure. Good job 6:30, and 5:30 too since I caught the end. 🙂

  33. Steve (in Winterpeg)

    Steve (M/35/195)

    CFWU x 2 + DU practice

    HSPU (5rm) – red top / green bottom 5, 5, 2f (switched), 5

    WOD per Rx 23:16

    I was having a serious carb hangover from the weekend. Mondays are always challenging in this manner. Gotta cleanup the weekend nutrition to address. The burpees were the killer.

    I remember looking up during the WOD and seeing everyone grinding through this WOD and appreciating just how tough you all are. Nice work all.

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