Post-Hopper Recap

So the pattern continues – every even year is a squat-fest, while odd years are a cardio-fest. Guess we know what to expect in 2018.

A big thank you to all the volunteers – equipment crew, washroom checkers, MC, judges, registration peeps, etc. We could not run an event this size without your tireless effort. You guys rock!

And thank you to Joanna, for working hard behind the scenes, to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible. Love you!

CrossFit Moncton had a pretty good day with SEVEN podium finishers! You guys certainly make a coach proud. And to all the members, first timers and veterans alike, you guys killed it. I was blown away by the effort you gave. You should all be very proud.

And that’s a wrap for another year. Promise me you’ll tell all your gym buddies to sign up next year. It’s going to be the 10th Hopper, so it’s going to be EPIC!!

Weighted OH Situps x10
3 sets

“Filthy Cindy meets Jackie”
500m row
5 rounds of Cindy
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

Compare to Oct.3/15

3 thoughts on “Post-Hopper Recap”

  1. Wu & min
    Clean & Jerk Complex.
    Slow clean high pull. X1
    Clean x1
    Front squat x1
    Pause split jerk x2
    2 sets each @

    3k run time 17:30.

  2. Stuck around after coaching 10 am & did WOD.

    With 150 singles

    Time: 17:27

    PR by a big 13 seconds, I’ll take it!

    Three drop-ins this morning — Jean-Phillipe & Veronique from Quebec City and Jeremi from Oklahoma City, great to see Crossfitters from away!

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