Pistols this year?

16.4 – let’s hear your predictions.

Reminder – Live viewing tonight at 9pm at the gym.

Registration for the heats will be available Friday at 8am.

Row 30 minutes of distance


8 thoughts on “Pistols this year?”

  1. I don’t really think there will be pistols cause they’re too hard to judge on video submissions.

  2. Mobility (x1)
    Warm up (x2)
    Tabatha planks
    Row 30 mins 5905 meters
    Cashout (Figure 4 stretch)
    Tried some skipping and was able to do 50 unbroken singles also able to do 5 pull ups over 5 mins.

    Thanks Shane, great class

  3. Row 30 Min


    It was nice to see Shane R rowing beside me! Thanks Shane H for letting Elba and I join the class midway, I don’t mind burpees but not if they are from Oprah Winfrey lol.

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