Pierre’s Creation!

In teams,

400m run
50 Push Press (95lbs/65lbs)
200 OH lunges (45lbs/25lbs)
Then, after your team is done, do 50 burpees each
400m run

Modified does not mean easier

15 thoughts on “Pierre’s Creation!”

  1. Pierre’s Special Warm Up

    Pierre’s Special WOD
    Teamed with Matt
    400 m Run
    50 Push Press (55#)
    200 OH Lunges (25#)
    50 Burpees
    400 m Run

    22:25 – Great work Matt! 😀
    Thanks Coach Pierre and Coach MC!

    Pierre, Guy says there’s a beer tent at the game!

    1. We will go too! At what time are you going there?

      We will call Sonia to know when they are heading there too!

  2. Mobility
    Donkey Kong warmup: 51 sec

    wod: in team with Tim as rx’d
    Our strategy was Tim was starting on push press until failure..and I was doing lunges in the mean time. I end up doing only 7 push press!!!
    Time: 19 something..I forgot!

    Good job Tim!! You pushed really hard!! It’s always nice to team up with you!
    I love team’s workout!! 🙂

  3. Jumping monkey warmup

    WOD w/ Sonia
    Modified for the special people. 🙂
    I did dumbbell Push press 40#, Sonia did 1 arm Push press (20#), 20# weighted vest lunges and boxjumps instead of burpees.


    That was a great morning guys!!

    Team WOD are really pushing you out of your comfort zone!

    1. Just a little correction, 25# push press.

      Great job everyone, nice to see some new faces in on Sat AM workouts:)

  4. mobility
    special obstacle w-up
    Team Darrell & Lisa:
    push press(55)
    oh lunges
    50 burpees
    Time: 19:02
    Thanks Darrell your a great coach!!!
    That was quite the WOD Pierre! Thanks!!!

  5. Donkey Kong Warmup 😀 (Good one MC! lol)
    We need to do more box hurdles!

    WOD with Chantal:

    Glad to do this Rx’d. My shoulder wasn’t great so Chantal ended up doing a few extra lunges. Great job Chantal! You’re a great partner! That was a nice WOD Pierre. Saturdays are always awesome. 🙂

  6. I think I will try and come more often on Saturdays the WOD are alot of fun. Good WOD Pierre!

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