Pick a card!

“Deck of Death”

  • Hearts = Burpees
  • Diamonds = Situps
  • Clubs = Pullups
  • Spades = Squats
  • Jokers = 400m run

Start by drawing the top card and do that many reps of the suit. For example, if you draw the 9 of Hearts, you’re doing 9 burpees. Face cards are all worth 10. The goal is to get through the whole deck as fast as you can.

Stephanie's 6am face

38 thoughts on “Pick a card!”

  1. CFWU x 2
    Strength deadlift! 1-1-1-1-1
    155-205-255-285-285, Really trying to focus on technique here

    WOD deck of death 25 min cap.

    Pretty disappointed here, I usually finish this workout in like 22ish minutes, I was 1 card away from finishing today.. But it was the last day of my cycle and I was using ring pullups for the first time.. A well, I’ll crush it next time!

    Good to see everyone show up early today! Good job everyone! 🙂

  2. Pierre can u gimme a call 2day, I’ll be home packing.

    Kev: wod looks fun, really missing the gym, things have been quite hectic…

      1. Cool I’ve got some errands to run in the morning, but should be around in the afternoon, just gimme a call so ya don’t waste a trip. 🙂 TTYL

      2. Good luck Rob!! I hope you will enjoy it!! Give us some news when you can!! 🙂
        It was really nice to meet you and workout with you!!

      3. Rob – You will be miss at the gym with your words of encouragement that you were saying like “Dig deep”, ”Bring her home”, etc…. And without forgetting your intensity, you made me pushed harder on more than one WOD.

        I am really happy for you that you are now realizing your dream.

        It was nice to meet you and workout with you!

        Take care dude!

  3. Clean 5-5-5-5-5

    WOD: “Deck of Death”

    Time: 24:51

    Thanks for the push Kevin!

  4. CFWU X 2
    Strength 1-1-1-1-1
    Deadlift 100-120-130-145-150 PR

    Deck of Death 21 cards left
    Welcome back Ed. Great job am crew.

  5. warm up x2

    Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

    Deck of Death 22 cards left

    Great job everyone.

  6. Best of luck, Rob! Very happy for you..but sad for us. Your presence and words of encouragement will be greatly missed at Crossfit Moncton.

  7. Rob you will be missed. You’re a great guy and I’m happy to have met you. I hope they post you in Moncton so you can come back to Crossfit.

    Please be nice to me if you pull me over on my motorcycle 🙂

  8. CFWU X 2

    Strenght Back Squat – went up to 145# ran outta time (4th round)


    13 cards left


    Rob I never went to poker night, I was looking forward to saying bye. Good luck with the new career & keep in touch! 🙂

  9. Strength: “Deadlift”
    1x / 135-185-225-265(F for form)-265 (PR by 15!)

    “Deck of Death”:
    5 Cards Remaining after 25 min.
    Did 85 Burpees, 85 situps, 76 Squats, 55 kipping pullups and 2 400m runs.

    Great to meet you Rob…You were an inspiration!!! Best of luck! 🙂

  10. Rob man, it is to bad you are leaving! I was actually looking forward to working out with you again. Well good luck and I hope to see you again someday! Let me know how the RCMP goes, I’m thinking about doing that myself!

    Until then, keep that back lumbar and that chin up!

  11. CFWU X2

    Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1

    WOD: Deck of Death
    3 cards left

    In June I only did 18 cards.

    Good luck Rob, going to miss all the encouragement. It was alot of fun working out with you.

  12. CFWU X 2

    Strength: “Deadlift”
    1x / 115-135-155-175-185PR (PR by 20 lbs)
    “Deck of Death”:

    8 Cards Remaining after 25 min.

    Best of luck Rob, really great having met you!

  13. WU x 2

    Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1
    65-75-85-95-105 (PR) Attempted 115 – Help, I’ve squatted and I can’t get up!!

    “Deck of Death”

    Left behind 14 cards and two pieces of my hands. My first time doing unassisted pull ups in a workout so I’m really happy!! 🙂

    Tracey, great push! Congrats on finishing and thanks for your help at the end!
    Good job Marcel!

    Rob, knock ’em dead!! You’re going to make an amazing RCMP officer – so calm, cool and collected!

  14. CFWU x2

    Push Jerk: 5-5-5-5-5
    65-70-75 (2 only)

    “Deck of Death”
    Time: 24:03

    Finished thanks to my son reading me the cards.

  15. Hey guys! wow I’ve been readin the comments and everyone sounds like they’re doin great! I can’t wait to see you guys over the hols a few times, it’ll be fun for sure. I’ve been keepin up with goin to the gym, did the 400 lunges WOD not 2 days ago right after doing 15 DU’s, 15 sit ups and 15 GM’s (45lbs) I’ve been walking funny ever since! it’s good to know that everyone else is still having a lot of fun at the gym and it’ll be nice to see some more Crossfitters for a change! Take care guys and I’ll be seein ya once my finals are done and I’ll start postin on the website more often so I can feel included! Cheers!

  16. Nice to have some news from you kevin L!

    Warm up x 1

    Death of card: 23:39 min PR

    Jane…you are really my hero of the week!! Great job on those unassisted pullup!! I am so proud of you!! 🙂

  17. Wow it’s great to see all the awesome results…tried this workout today for the first time. Boy was it a kick in the arse!

    Strength 5×1: Push Jerk: 95-115-125-135-145-155(PR!)
    WOD: ‘Deck of Death’
    Jokers = 200m Row
    Hit the 25 minute cap with 5 cards left. all of them below 4 cept for a 10 of hearts.

    I thought for sure I’d get it but alas, was not ment to be. Next time will be a different story. I unfortunately have to go to a globo gym which puts a whole new frustration into sharing lol. needless to say having to go to the other side of the gym to do pull ups does not help with finishing this WOD under 25 min!

    Also Wood, I was wondering if a 200m row is a good substitute for the 400m run? cause that’s what we did haha! Cheers everyone!

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