Do I expect to see perfection? No.

Do I expect that you strive for perfection. Yes.

There is no such thing as the perfect pushup (or any other movement). But you can do things to make it better.

The skill of the week is simple – 20 Pushups, every day, while striving for perfection.

Reminder as to what a pushup should look like – VIDEO


Every minute for 15 minutes:
2 Power Cleans

Post your loads.

These are two movements that are highly likely to come up over the next 5 weeks during the Games. Move better. Be better.

One common violation in the clean is pulling to early with the arms, as shown above. Trying to β€˜muscle’ the bar up with your arms will limit your ability to clean a maximal load. Adding more weight to your clean will not improve it. You must practice this with lower weights to burn it into your muscle memory.

65 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. I like the skill of the week!! I can’t wait to be able to perfect the “real” pushups and do them in my workouts!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Guy, does this girl have any sort of fan club we could join? Perhaps receive “exclusive” material? If other members are interested we could all join under one user name and let the password spread like wildfire. This is something I have only heard (never been a part) of guys doing in the past for……..ummmmmm, cooking websites.

    2. Me thinks you’ve posted this video once before Guy. You are really committed to achieving perfect push ups, I guess.

  2. WUx2

    Push Press x 3
    75-90-100-110-120(PR reps)

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans

    Score: 130

    I have to work on landing below the bar and shrugging.

  3. WU x 2
    Shoulder Press x 3

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 Minutes
    2 power cleans
    Work on elbows up and feet closer when landing

  4. WUx2

    Strength: Deadlift x 5

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans – work on landing lower
    Score: 135

  5. WUx2

    Lacross ball on forearms for 10 minutes


    Should work on releasing grip at rack position

  6. WU x 2

    Strength 5xOHS
    55-65-75-85 (got 4) – 85

    WOD: EMOTM (Everyone Must Overkill Their Muscle)


    Score is highest # succeded: 120

    Need to work on faster elbows and on the landing position.

    God I wish I owned a turtleneck today… are these still in style? πŸ˜›

  7. WUx2

    Strength: Push Jerk x 3
    90 95 105 120 135

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans – work on landing lower
    Score: 165 (on min 15)

    Wasn’t quick enough to get the weights needed on the bar, and when I tried, the chuck bucket flipped out at me..haha. With the helpful critiques along the way, I know I could have done more, but still made a PR by 15#.

    Take away: 1) Keep Arms Straighter. 2) Let go of the grip when I’m at the bottom of the dip/before standing straight.

  8. Strength: Front Squats
    3x 80-90-95-110-120
    + 2 daily squats @ 140 & 155

    2 power cleans EMOTM for 15 minutes: Got to 2 successful cleans @ 115#
    *Need to work on releasing my death grip on the bar on the landing.

    This was a fun one!

  9. WUx2

    Strength: Push Jerk x 3

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans
    Score: 215

    moved up 10 lbs every other set… spent the last 3 rounds battling with 225 was pretty annoyed i couldnt get it got the first one up but couldnt land the second, overall pretty satisfied i suppose just really wanted to hit 225.

    oh and 20 good pushups( dont wanna say perfect cuz im sure i could tweak them a bit)

  10. Just saw the FB post about having 38 athletes registered for the Games! Hurray us! We’re officially more than last year. Keep ’em coming!

    It kinda sums up this quote I read today on the CF journal: “… the group’s commitment to each other’s success.” This is what it’s all about.

  11. WUx2

    Strength: Push Jerk x 1
    135, 155, 175, 195, 195

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans every minute

    95, 105, 115, 125, 135,145,155, 165, 165(fail),160, 160(fail), 155, 155, 160, 160

    Cash Out: 20 strict form pushups and muscle up for good measure. Failed the first two attempts and stuck the third. Called it a day after that.

  12. WUx2

    Strength: Deadlift x 3
    225-235-255-285-325(pr for reps)

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes

    2 Power cleans every minute for 15 mins.

    Score: 210

  13. Strength: back squats X 3

    2 power cleans EMOTM for 15 minutes:
    85# Got frustrated that I was unable to reach my pr on this today.
    *Need to work on releasing my grip on the bar and landing lower

    Fun class 415! Good work

  14. WOD: 2 Power Cleans, Every Minute on the Minute, for 15 mins

    That was fun! And made me hungry… Good job express class!!

    1. I enjoyed it even though I got frustrated. I love when we have WODs that make us really focus on form and/or on a skill. Thanks for the tips Kev!

    2. I was not looking forward to it, but I actually really liked it. It forced me to concentrate on form. Thanks for the help!

  15. WUx2

    Front squat x 1 75-85-95-100-110(PR of 5#)

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans

    Score: 85#

    Failed at 90# during the WOD, but got it after the 15 minutes (so, PR of 5 # ?)

    I have to work on lots… but for now I will concentrate on keeping the bar closer to my body.

  16. Back squat 5’s

    WOD -> 135-155-165-175-185-195-195-200-200-205-195-185-185-185-210(f)
    Score -> 205#

    Gotta work on my acceleration past the knees and my hook grip

  17. wu x 2
    strength – shoulder press x 3
    80, 90, 95, 105, 120×2

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans
    score = 160#
    have to work on landing feet closer together

  18. wu x 2
    strength – Push Jerk x 1
    50, 60, 70, 80, 85(F), 85(F) 85

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    – 2 Power cleans
    score = 70#
    work on landing
    Practice skill of the week

  19. WU x 2

    Strength: Deadlifts x 3

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes
    2 Power cleans (starting @90#)

    Score: 160

    Cleans felt good and I felt like I could have done a bit more but I was already at a 15# PR
    I liked the WOD.

    I have to work on a) counting how much weight I have on the bar and b) keeping my shoulders moving straight up and getting under the bar quicker.

    Skill of the Week: Push-ups
    Working on hand placement & elbows at 45 degrees. I didn’t get 20 as I had some lingering pain in my shoulder, but I think I improved my form a bit.

    Worked on muscle-up progressions a bit with the purple band.

  20. WU x 2

    Strength 5xOHS
    65-75-85-95-100 (5# PR for reps)

    WOD: EMOTM (Everyone Must Overkill Their Muscle)

    Score is highest # succeded: 185 5# PR

    Need to work on shrugging and not pulling the bar with my arms.

  21. WUx2

    Strength x5: Push Jerks
    85, 95, 105, 115, 120 (PR by 5#)

    EMOTM for 15 mins
    2 Power Cleans

    95, 115, 125, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160 (fail), 150, 150, 150, 150, 155, 150

    Score: 155 (40# PR)

    Need to work on getting under the bar and releasing my grip to get my elbows higher.

  22. WU x 2

    Strength= push jerk x5 35-40-45…ran out of time πŸ™

    EMOTM for 15 min
    2 power cleans (start at 60-70%, end 95-100%)

    PR 80# (by 15# from fundamentals Feb 4th for 5 reps)

    Need faster arms, more shrug and not pull….let’s see how bruised the collar bone is tomorrow πŸ™‚ Fun WOD…thanks for the help & motivation Cuz!!

    “perfect”push up practice πŸ™‚ x20

  23. WU x 2 (with focus on proper pushups)

    Strength: Shoulder Press (x1)
    Its a 2# PR, but I’ll take it πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the coaching MC

    Every minute for 15 minutes:
    2 Power Cleans
    Score = 155
    10#PR πŸ™‚

    Need to work on releasing my death grip on the bar…

    Nice work 5:45 crew! Lots of heavy weights being thrown around!

  24. WU x 2

    Did some foam rolling instead of strength

    WOD: EMOTM for 15 minutes – 2 Power cleans
    115 125 135 140 145 150 155 160 165 170 175 180 185f 185 190f

    Matched my rep PR. Like most need to work on shrugging and getting under bar.

    Fun WOD — really had to focus on each lift as I approached my max. I believe I can surpass my max, it’s just a “mental barrier” for now…

    Nice job on the bucket Bender πŸ™‚

    1. Innocent until proven guilty!!!!!

      And I was told to never trust a man with bad knees….so nobody better be taking Jeff’s word for it!

  25. WUx2

    Strength – OHS X1
    75-85-95-115-135(PR of 5#)

    WOD β€œEMOTM”
    Every minute for 15 minutes:
    2 Power Cleans


    Score 180#

    Need to work on landing lower, especially at the lower weights.
    At the heavier weights keep my elbows up.
    Also learning to count would be great. Went from 170 to 185 thinking i had 5# more.

    Great job 6:45 crew!

  26. WU x 2
    Strength: Push press x5

    WOD β€œEMOTM”
    Every minute for 15 minutes:
    2 Power Cleans
    Score = 205
    Little disappointed with my form tonight, i was looking forward to this wod all day, last time I did cleans I felt like I had form nailed down but didn’t have that feeling today! Cleans are coming up in my rotation soon so will get the weight at a manageable number a get that feeling back.. Thanks for coaching kev and Jo..

  27. 24 consecutive strict HSPU
    …about 10 minutes later….
    25 consecutive strict HSPU (PR by 4) πŸ˜€

    Score = 185

    Need to work on faster elbows.

    Enjoyed the WOD. Great job everyone!!!
    Still pumped about the PR. …and my eyes are still bloodshot.

  28. WU X2
    perfect push ups (well ok, less than perfect push ups)

    strength OHS
    5 @ 45, 65,65,75, 80 pr by 15.
    actualy started to feel OK. i felt very good with these tonight.
    still need to get the butt out further.

    power cleans
    85,95,95,95,115,115,115,120,120, 125,125, 130,135,135,135
    felt really good, could have increased theweight but was staying with the 10 l pr and working on form.

    need to remember to keep the elbows in and under the bar.
    faster transition
    loosen the grip at the top for higher elbows.
    thanks for the tips kevin and Jo, much appreciated.

    worked on lots of push ups and working on kipping pull-ups
    should be a little tight tomorrow

  29. Wu x 2
    Push Jerk’s 5

    EMOTM 15 min
    Power Clean
    up till 100 lbs but my form was really poor so 95 max.

    I need to work on getting my arms straight.

    Like it :)!!

  30. WOD β€œEMOTM”
    Every minute for 15 minutes:
    2 Power Cleans
    Score: 155 PR of 10
    My form felt pretty good on these.
    I enjoyed this Wod as it was a nice change up from other wods. 15 min flew by.

  31. WU X 2
    Practiced Pushups
    Strength, Deadlift: 5×180-200-220-250-280
    WOD: 175 (PR OF 5 LBS)

    Need to work on letting grip go and less arms.

    Great job 5:45 crew and good coachin MC.

  32. MOB
    WU X 2
    Lacrosse ball and stick

    WOD β€œEMOTM”
    Every minute for 15 minutes:
    2 Power Cleans
    Score: 120 PR!

    Been stuck at 115 forever so really excited to get to 120 and land it twice. Form is getting better every time we practice, so thanks Kevin for the help and the opportunity! I’m lovin’ the express class!

  33. WU x 2

    Made it to 110# x 2, but failed a few rounds before finally getting it.

    Two big things to work on: Landing lower and elbows out

    Liked this wod. Makes for good practice on a difficult lift.

  34. Wu x 2
    Back Squat x 5
    65-75-85-95-100(#10 PR)

    Every minute for 15 min
    2 Power Cleans
    Score #85

    I need to work on releasing the grip.

  35. WOD “EMOTM”


    need to jump it up more explosive with straight arms and get under that darn bar faster!”

    Score: 160

  36. WU x 2

    Strength: Push press
    1 x 90,100,115,130,145,150(PR) by 5#

    WOD: EMOTM for 15min
    2 Power cleans
    Score:155 (PR) by 10#

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