Partner WOD

In case you haven’t heard, the CrossFit Games are coming up. Check here for all the dates.

With a partner, complete 5 rounds of the following…

40 Wall Balls
30 Box Jumps (24/20″)
20 Toes to Bar (kickouts)

Break up reps as needed.

A scene from 13.5 from last year
A scene from 13.5 from last year

36 thoughts on “Partner WOD”

  1. Good morning. Just went outside and hubby’s car wont start. Can you please remove me from class at 6 am? Will book a later workout. Sorry for the short notice.

  2. Couldn’t sleep this morning… Looked on the site to see that Jackie was the only one registered so I went in so shed have a partner! Damn Mother Nature and her cold shoulder … It’s okay Jackie, I’ll take a raincheck! On the other hand I had the privilege to try out and inverted rollout or something like thst on the rings and be Kevin’s partner for today’s duo wod! Thanks Kevin for everything! Great way to kick stsrt the new year! wod rx’ed with the wallball king! 13:48

    Happy new year everyone! 3-2-1 giddy up!!!

    1. I am now doubly disappointed. Thank you Marie Noel for your dedication. I will really miss your coaching and your positivity. Hope to see you again before too long.

  3. Foam Rolling and agility drills

    Odd number in class so I volunteered to do it without a partner.
    5 Rounds
    20 Wall Balls (20#)
    15 Box Jumps (24β€³)
    10 Toes to Bar
    Time 19:05

    1. Impressive job this morning, Shawn. You didn’t stop! Thanks for volunteering to take this one on solo. πŸ™‚

  4. That was great having my first 2014 WOD with MN.
    Broke up each round like…
    WB – M-10, K-20, M-10
    BJ – K-15, M-15
    T2B – K-10, M-10

    13:48 Rx’d

    Also practiced backwards roll to support on rings. Added a band to assist.

    I have a no-show for Fundamentals, so snuck in some back squats x5
    155-205-225-245-270 (PR for reps!)

    Great start to the new year!

  5. Mobility
    WU x 1 (12 reps)
    Foam roll
    Agility (I learned I am not to agile…or reinforced that fact)

    Partner with Anthony
    5 rounds
    40 wall balls 10# (1st round did 10 each, second round did 10s then 5s, last rounds did 5 each)
    30 box jumps 20″ ( 1st round 10-10-5-5, then 5 at a time)
    20 T2B (kick outs x 2, 10s)

    25 min cap we had 4 rounds + 10 wall balls

    That was tough, couldn’t catch my breath. Good workout…

    1. Some day, you and wallballs will be “besties”. Well, maybe not besties but friends, perhaps? LOL

      Great job today! Awesome WOD to kick-off 2014. πŸ™‚

      1. Let’s not go for besties…probably not friends either, but maybe eventually wall balls and I can be acquaintances.

  6. WOD

    Partner with Dominique

    5 rounds
    40 wall balls 8#
    30 box jumps
    40 kick outs

    Time: 24min 48 sec

    thanks Dominique, love to WOD with you!

  7. Mob / WU x 1 / Calf Smashing

    Foam Roller and Agility Ladder Drills

    WOD w/ Sheldon
    5 Rounds:
    — 40 Wall Balls
    — 30 Box Jumps @ 24″
    — 20 T2B
    TIME: 19:05

    What a lung burner! great workout to start the New Year!
    Nice work Sheldon!

  8. That WOD sucked! I hate wall balls!
    I’ll post results when I’m not so hateful!

    Maybe 2014 will never have wall balls again?

  9. Mobility
    Foam Rolling

    WOD: did this one solo , ended up having to call into work. Thanks Jeff for letting me do this once I got off the phone.

    5 Rounds:
    – 20 Wall Balls
    – 15 Box Jumps @ 24β€³
    – 10 T2B

    Time : 15.00

    Thanks Lance for keeping me going and counting my reps! and keeping me moving!!

    Great class Jeff!!!

  10. MOB, DU practice to get warm, WU x 1

    Foam Roller and Agility Ladder Drills

    WOD w/ Blake

    5 Rounds:
    – 40 Wall Balls @20lbs
    – 30 Box Jumps @ 24β€³
    – 20 T2B

    TIME: 19:05 Rx’d

    A great first WOD for 2014. I thought my heart was gonna come out of my chest in the third round.

  11. Warmup and mobility
    Partner WOD rx’d with Natasha! πŸ™‚
    Time- 18:56

    Great WOD and so happy to have partnered up with Natasha. Great job on the wall balls.

  12. Mob / WU x 1

    Foam Roller and Agility Ladder Drills

    WOD w/ Marcel
    5 Rounds:
    – 40 Wall Balls
    – 30 Box Jumps @ 24β€³
    – 20 T2B
    TIME: 21:46
    great job Marcel!

  13. Wu x 1
    Foam rolling
    Agility training

    Wod: partner wod
    40 wall balls @ 20#
    30 box jumps @ 24″
    20 toes to bar

    Did this one solo.

    Score: 4 rounds + 21 box jumps

    This was interesting to try on my own. 25 long minutes.

  14. Mob / WU x 1

    Foam Roller and Agility Ladder Drills

    WOD w/ Frank “The Tank”

    5 Rounds:
    – 40 Wall Balls
    – 30 Box Jumps @ 24β€³
    – 20 T2B

    TIME: 21:46

    Nice work tonight Frank, you kept pushing the whole way through.

  15. Mob / WU x 1

    Foam Roller and Agility Ladder Drills

    WOD w/ spencer

    5 Rounds:
    – 40 Wall Balls S14# C20#
    – 30 Box Jumps @ 24β€³
    – 20 T2B C, S did kickouts
    we spilt all the rounds even. good job tonight

    TIME: 17:31

  16. Mobility
    WUx1(15 reps)
    Foam Rolling
    Agility drills

    WOD: with Jenne

    40 Wallballs 10#
    30 Box Jumps 20″
    20 Toes to Bar

    Time: 23:23

    Great Class Jeff! Thanks for the pointers on T2B!!

  17. Team WOD with Laura : Put Chrsitmas decorations away and clean the entire house from top to bottom.

    Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    WOD 2 with CC: 5 Rounds: RX: 40 wallballs, 30 box jumps and 20 toes to bar

    Time: 20:40

    I loved doing this WOD with you CC. Great job buddy!

    Thanks for the great class Jeff!

    WOD 3 : Meet Laura at her mom’s apartment to put Christmas decorations away and tidy up.

    Time: 1 hr.

    Thanks a bunch driving to my house and boosting my car Jack. Much appreciated!

  18. WU xx 1 + Agility WU

    Partner WOD with Dan
    Dan did it RX’d. My movement’s started RX but starting in round 3, I swapped out my 14# med. ball for 10#.

    Time: 21:30

    Great work Dan. That was a really really tough WOD.

    Cash Out: 2 min. plank. Did this in 4 set.=s

    1. Loved your determination on those planks, Heidi. You and Dan did great on the WOD too. Your T2B looked strong! πŸ™‚

  19. Mobility
    Foam Rolling

    Partner wod with Sarah!!
    5 Rounds:
    – 40 Wall Balls 14#
    – 30 Box Jumps @20β€³
    – 40 Kick Outs

    Time: 20:04

  20. Mobility
    wu x 1 (12 reps) rows & vsits

    Foam rolling

    Agility Drills

    Partner WOD with MC
    5 Rounds
    40 WB (10#)
    30 Box Jumps (20″)
    20 T2B (Toes through rings)

    25 mins cap.

    Broke it up evenly. WB 5/5, Box J. 15/15 x2 10/10 5/5 x 3, T2B 5/5


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