Partner WOD

For time, Partner “A” performs:
15 Wall Balls (20/14# @9/10’)
15/10 Calories on Rower (or Bike if all rowers are taken)
15 Wall Balls (20/14# @9/10’)

*Once Partner A finishes, Partner B performs the same work. This cycle repeats until each person has performed the workout 4 times & the clock stops.
*If there’s an odd numbers, solo athlete does the workout 4 times. Rest 3 minutes between each.

Fitness is better with friends

3 thoughts on “Partner WOD”

  1. Partner wod w/ Matt❤️:

    WB @ 30#/10’ for him, 20#/9’ for me – all sets unbroken
    15/10 cal bike

    Fun Saturday!
    Thanks Ron

  2. For time, Partner “A” performs: Partnered with ME!

    15 Wall Balls (20/14# @9/10’) 14# unbroken all rounds
    15/10 Calories on Rower
    15 Wall Balls (20/14# @9/10’) 14# unbroken all rounds

    Rested 4 minutes first round, read board carefully, next rounds rested for 3 minutes.

    Time: 19:52

    Thanks Ron!

  3. 4 miles rucked, into deck of death ruck WOD then….
    Partner WOD with Emilie
    19:5something I think
    Thanks Em for partnering with me and getting me through the third round of wall balls
    Thanks Ron for coaching!

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