Partner WOD

Skill – High Jump

With a partner, run 2400m
*break up anyhow
*One rests while the other runs


4 thoughts on “Partner WOD”

  1. mobility Wu
    Group Mob


    time:9:36 with david

    1. 1:36
    2. 1:36
    3. 1:36

    Stayed consistant on all the runs went really well and oddly enough david and i did the exact some time on our runs.

  2. mobility + WU + 400m run
    Group Mob

    WOD: with a partner, run 2400

    time: 11:47

    1. 2:20
    2. 2:25
    3. 2:17

    No partner because there were only 3 of us in class!

    Skill: high jump

    24″ box + 2 10# plates

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