Partner WOD

On a running clock with a partner, divide reps any way:

At 0:00
2 rounds of:
80 Situps
80 Pushups

At 15:00
3 rounds of:
20 K2E
20 Ring Rows

At 25:00
4 rounds of:
60s Plank
10 Shoot-throughs

The quicker you get through each part, the longer the break you get.


5 thoughts on “Partner WOD”

  1. Arrg i totally wanted to do this one day!! Looks like fun! Got an expected family visitor for the weekend which I had totally forgotten that they were comming lol which I had to cancel today unfortunatly (CLEANING the house like mad!).. I think ill go running and do a vacation wod at home tonight and this weekend untill I get in tuesday! Then I got 4 classes next week lol Cant wait!!! Kick some butt guys 🙂

  2. Partnered with special guest Marie-Noelle!

    WOD 1 – 7:39
    WOD 2 – 4:12
    WOD 3 – 6:13

    Fun morning. Holding the steering wheel was a real challenge.

  3. MOB + WU X2

    On a running clock with a partner, divide reps any way:

    Partnered with Amanda Beck

    At 0:00
    1 rounds of:
    80 Situps (4X10 per partner)
    80 Pushups (Nick did 30 and then 18 from a box, Amanda did 42 from a box. More than we should have done as WOD brain kicked in and we couldn’t count)

    Time 7:19

    At 15:00
    2 rounds of:
    20 K2E (Nick did all of these scaled to knee raises above parallel)
    20 Ring Rows (Amanda did all of these)

    Time 17:57

    At 25:00
    3 rounds of:
    60s Plank ( Nick did 2 rounds and Amanda did 1)
    10 Shoot-throughs (Nick did 1 round and Amanda did 2 rounds scaled to box push ups)

    Time 32:29

    Shoot throughs are my new enemy…Thanks for a great class Mario

  4. OG
    Mobilty and Squat Clean 1RM
    85-125-145-155-160-165# 10# PR
    Felt great to do these, have been doing power cleans so much more this summer. Worked on regrip motion when standing up, in hopes to someday put this weight over head 🙂

    Partner WOD with my spring fling partner Lance!
    WOD 1: 9:36
    WOD 2: 5:48
    WOD 3: 8:07

    Fun WOD, thanks Mario!
    Great to have surprise guest Marie-No in the gym too!

  5. Fantastic workout with long-limbed pal Kevin! Those push-ups and ring rows sure fell apart fast!

    Due to a few health setbacks and different fitness goals, I had not done a “crossfit” workout since my last visit in June, with the exception ofMurph during hero month, and I have to say that I couldhave asked for a better comeback, with the CFM gang!

    Great wod Mario!

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