Partner Tabata Angie

With a partner, using 20 second work intervals with 10 sec rest breaks, complete:
150 pull-ups
150 push-ups
150 sit-ups
150 squats
*It’s basically 20 sec of work with 40 sec of rest
*30 min time cap

Compare to July 25/15


3 thoughts on “Partner Tabata Angie”

  1. WU & Mob

    350 m row
    Symmetry bands
    Superman & hollows
    Kipping on rings
    T2b on rings sets of 5
    Kipping on bar
    T2b 1
    Pullups on bar with kipping

    Notes kipping good on rings, less so on the bar, need better timing. Program for next month before morning class to see improvement in 30 days.

    Thanks Shane

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