Partner Saturday

With a partner, alternating after each set:

Jerks (95/65#/60% snatch)

HR Pushups

Power Snatch

Partner A does 21 Jerks.
Partner B does 21 Jerks.
Partner A does 21 Lunges
Partner B does 21 Lunges.

Greg making leaps and bounds in progress
Greg making leaps and bounds in progress

7 thoughts on “Partner Saturday”

  1. WOD @ 75# with Paul:
    23:18, good work Paul!

    Cash out wall sit: 2:00 even, great job Vanessa, I just couldn’t hang on any longer! 🙂

    1. You did great !!! Thanks for being my Partner
      I used 35# was light for snatches and jerks but had to use it for OHS

  2. Paired with Sherry.
    I used 25# for the Jerks. Then had to go down to 20# for the overhead squats… Just don’t have the stability yet.
    Could have gone a lot heavier on the jerks and snatches.

    Used my wrist wraps for the first time which helped a lot!

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