Partner Punisher

With a partner, complete the following:

75 Med Ball Situps
Run 1 mile with Med Ball
75 Med Ball Situps

Compare to June 29/13

OH Lunges are HARD!
OH Lunges are HARD!

2 thoughts on “Partner Punisher”

  1. Mob & wu
    Fun sandbag team competition
    WOD @ 6#
    75 med ball sit ups
    1 mile run scaled to 800 m run with med ball
    75 med ball sit ups

    Time: 15:35

    Added another 800 m run with med ball at the end. * Next time do 1 mile run and use heavier med ball*

  2. Mob. and WUx 1
    Group sandbag warm up
    500 m row just to check on time. Last time 2:02, today 1:54… close, could have pushed harder in the first minute.
    WOD @ 10 with Elba (awesome partner)
    75 med ball sit-ups
    1 mile med ball run
    75 med ball sit-ups
    Time: 19:12
    Great work Elba, fun Woding with you today !

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