Partner Holleyman

Hope you enjoyed Hero Month. I know it was rough, but we got through it. We’ll be starting a consistent strength routine again shortly as we transition from the longer wods.

With a partner complete 30 rounds of:
5  Wall Balls (20/14#)
1 Clean (225/155#)

*alternate each round


7 thoughts on “Partner Holleyman”

  1. Holleyman Rx (no partner):
    29 rounds in 29:52…. so close!!
    Thanks to everyone for cheering me through to the end…what a sweaty mess!

    2015 was 22 rounds @145# w/ abmat for HSPU

  2. Did this with Marcel in the 8/30 OG

    Scaled HSPU to 3X DB press for 7 rounds then 2X

    Time was 20:26

    Started off with 205# for the cleans for 5 rounds then dropped to 185#

    DBs started with 30# then dropped to 20# after 5 rounds.

  3. With a partner complete 30 rounds of:
    5 Wall Balls (20#)
    3 HSPUs (20lb dumbbells)
    1 Clean (185#)

    Mike and I did this today and got 16:40 for time .

    Thanks Marcel

  4. Heather Skeard cooper

    WOD with Elba

    5 wall balls 14#
    3 HSPU
    1 clean (145#)

    30 rounds = 20:41

    All handstand push-ups were unbroken

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