Partner Cindy

Best of luck to Blake, Amanda and Kevin today. They’re running the 8km Terrain Run at the Hopewell Rocks today.

AMRAP 20 min
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

-One Partner Runs 400m
-Other Partner works through Rounds of Cindy
-Running Partner picks up where other Partner left off, keep alternating
-Score is total number of rounds completed

Compare to July 11/15


11 thoughts on “Partner Cindy”

  1. Open Gym active recovery day

    Symmetry bands
    Easy 3k run 23:07

    Thanks for the run Mark!

  2. Snatch Balance x3 + Squat Snatch x3
    75# – 95# – 135#

    WOD: 2016 Regionals Event 1 – Scaled
    10 squat snatches 75# (done at 1:40, cap 2:00)
    8 squat snatches 95# (done at 3:40, cap 4:00)
    6 squat snatches 115# (done at 5:48, cap 6:00)
    4 squat snatches 135# (done at 7:47, cap 8:00)
    2 squat snatches 155# (cap 11:00)
    = 10:17

    Very cool workout! I can appreciate the regionals a bit more now. 🙂 Will try it again in the future.

    Rounds of 8 and 6 will work cardio/legs, then 4 and 2 need concentration on power and technique under fatigue. Kept riding that line under each time cap, got two no-reps on round of 10. Used two barbells, same as regionals, one for the first 3 sets, another for last 2 sets… I guess I could’ve kept stacking 10s.

    Also, current PR is 175#, heaviest weight used is about 88%.

  3. Group WU
    WOD Rx”d with Amber, THE best partner 🙂
    15 rounds even.
    First run of the year! It was the same as every run…every year… Sucked huurrd!

    Thanks Ron

  4. Open gym

    Mob, WU
    Double under practice, power clean warmup

    5 Rounds
    5 Power clean @ 75% = 95#
    10 double unders


    This one was a “hey this will be a good way to work on doubles in a WOD without being too crazy”. Yeah. I was laid out on the floor after. Turns out, pretty good WOD.

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