Parade People!

Hey, we need more people for our CFM float in the Santa Claus Parade (Nov.28). There’s a sign-up list in the warm-up room.

Deadlifts x7

Death by Pullups

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Compare to Mar.27/13

Brother and sister
Brother and sister

45 thoughts on “Parade People!”

  1. Deadlifts x7 Warmup – #135

    Death by Pullups Scale Ring row
    Completed 11 rounds and 11/12

    Thanks again Shane, Awesome coaching I like your style! Gabriel all I can say is WOW! Awesome job on the pull ups.

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 350m row
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Deadlifts x7
    85 WU, 110-110-120-120-120#

    WOD: Death by Pullups
    Scaled to Ring Rows
    11 rounds + 11/12
    PR, last time 10 rounds with green band

    Thanks Shane. Great work everyone. Gabe you are a machine!

  3. Deadlifts, up to 7×205#

    WOD, 10 rounds of R.R…

    Slowly working my way to pull-ups…

    Thanks Coach Steph!

  4. Open Gym

    Squat cleans X 3

    WOD: Rx’d (as posted)

    Total: 7 rounds + 7 pull ups

    (PR of 7R + 7 pull ups!! πŸ™‚ )

    This is just the second time I’ve done actual pull ups in a wod so I’m pretty happy. And the upside of only getting 7 complete rounds is that there weren’t enough reps to rip my hands!! (Although I really wanted that eighth pull up to complete that round…)

    1. D’oh….you got me by 1 pull up, but I’m still super happy for you! Your pull ups are looking really good.

    1. That was a thing of beauty to watch you rip these off Gab! Every rep was 110% solid. Once again, I have pull up envy.

  5. Deadlifts x7

    Death by Pull Ups (Ring Rows for me)
    On my 11th Round got 10 in..almost finished it!

    Fun Class! Thanks Steph! πŸ™‚

  6. Mob
    WU x1
    350m row

    Group Mob & WU

    Deadlifts x7

    Death by RingRows
    1st min 1 ringrow
    2nd min 2 ringrows etc until cannot complete in min
    Total: 16 rounds & 15

  7. M+WU

    (Open Gym)

    Hang Power Clean 1RM
    55-75-85-95-105-failed 115-got 110lb

    HPC 65lb
    Box jumps 20″

    6:49 Rx’ed

    When I did this on May 24, my time was 7:43 at same height and weight…so 54 second PR!!! πŸ™‚

  8. WU x 1 + 350m row
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Deadlifts x7

    WOD: Death by Pullups Rx

    15 rounds + 12
    PR 3 rounds + 4!

  9. – Mob
    – WUx1 + 15 wallballs 20#

    Open gym:

    Dumbbell shoulder press x5:

    Dumbbell bench press x8:

    6:00pm class:

    – 15 wallballs because wallballs are delicious and cooling down is not
    – group WU

    Deadlift x7

    WOD = 11 + 10 pull ups

  10. mob wux1 + 350 m row
    sumo deadlift
    135×7 155×7 165×7 165×7 185×7 185×7
    Death by pull up (scale ring row)
    14 round 14 rep

  11. Open Gym

    WU x 1 + 350 m row

    Deadlift x 7 reps did 4 sets @ 50% 185#

    Death by Pull-ups

    11 + 11 then bailed due to ripped hands, I forgot my trusty towel.

  12. Dead Lifts x 7
    2 Rounds @ 50% = 105
    3 Rounds @ 60% = 125

    Death By Pull Ups = Rx’d
    7 Rounds + 6 Pull Ups

    These went down hill soooo fast. Did them all one at a time & up the the 7th round, they felt pretty good with lots of time to spare before the top of the minute. Then in round 8, I don’t know what happened, but I hit the wall hard. Couple of failed reps and then mentally I checked out & just couldn’t crank any more out. Pull ups….we are still not friends! πŸ™

  13. Open Gym
    Mob + Wup x 1

    Deadlifts x 7
    95lbs for 2 rounds
    115 lbs for 3 rounds

    Death by Pullups:
    Total = 15 rounds + 11 pullups.

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