Paleo Challenge almost done!

This is the last week for the Paleo Challengers! Cheer them on to the finish line!

Speaking of finishing line, you’ll all be crossing one today when you run 5k!

NOTE: Even if a class is full, come to it anyway. We can handle more than 9 on the running days.

Shane knocking out some pullups

33 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge almost done!”

  1. Hey Kevin, I set my alarm wrong. Sorry. I’ll go to the 6:30 class tonight. I’m guessing I’ll be rowing 🙂

  2. WU x 2

    5K run (1st for me!) – 30:59 😀 – Very excited!

    Everyone did so well! Great work! 🙂
    Sonia, you kicked a$$ on the Burpee Bear! Way to go on the weighted pull ups too!

  3. Strength 5×5
    OHS 95-95-105-115-115
    Weighted pullups 12-20-22.5-25(got almost 4reps)-25(got 4 reps)

    WOD (did Sat’s wod since I was away for that one;)
    Burpee Bear (10 burpee penalty if you drop the bar)
    10 sh press
    10 pushpress
    10 push jerks
    10 fr squat
    10 back squat
    10 OHS
    10 deadlifts
    10 power cleans
    10 burpees

    all with 65lb

    Time: 4:04 (didn’t drop the bar)

    Congrats on your first 5km Jane and Shane!!

    1. Sonia, That is a ridiculous time on this. Way to go. You are going to kick serious butt in Calgary!

      1. Thanks guys!!! It’s always with your help that I do good… a great crew of support and pushing hard!
        Great times on 5k runs!! I need to improve mine big time after seeing these times :s !!! Long duration workouts are for sure my weakness!

  4. an awesome day today:

    645 am CF Endurance swim workout – 20min tempo swim at 85%
    – 1000m in 19:50
    – total with warm up and cool down 1850m, 45 min

    5pm CF run – 5km
    time – 22:24! (new PR of 1:17 from December 5th)

    (did my usual Jones Lake 5k look, but in the other direction – the last 1km up vaughn harvey from main to the Y was brutal with headwind!)

  5. WOD:
    5km run

    Time = 27:50 (PR by 20 seconds)

    I’ll take it cause this run included several walking rests.
    Last fall I was finishing the run without resting but yet I still got a PR today.

  6. WOD: 5km run
    Time: 21:30

    Thanks Pierre for setting a great pace!
    5:30 crew was FAST! I think everyone had a PR. WAY TO GO!

  7. WU x 2

    WOD: Run 5km…..
    I played a lot, A lot of soccer and basketball and tennis…. which involves start and stop running. In school I was a sprinter on the track team….
    This was my first time knuckling down and running a straight 5km.

    Time: 25:30
    I had to walk twice and got a little confused about the route at one point, but I’m pretty happy with the time.
    Great work 6:30 crew!

    Now…. about this walking thing… I may need a wheelchair tomorrow.

  8. AM
    Good Mornings x5
    95-135-155-165-175-180 (PR for reps by 25#)

    OHS x3
    135-155-165-175-180 (PR for reps by 35#)

    5K run

    I was hoping for under 20, but I’ll take it with the wind.

    Great job on the first big run of the season guys! Lots of PR’s today as well as many first timers!

  9. Warm up x 2

    5K Run
    Time: 30:39 (PR)

    Ran this last in November at 32:13. Happy with the improved time, but happier still that I was able to complete it this time around without stopping or walking.

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