Think about running a 5k. Would you sprint the first 400m of it? Then stop? Then sprint the next 200m? Then walk?

Sounds like a pretty foolish way to run a 5k.

I see it all the time – mostly newer members, but some vets haven’t learned yet. They think “high intensity = max effort”. There’s a flaw in that thought process.

What we see in the gym after people take their body into the red zone is: hands on the knees, walking around, frequent trips to the water bottle and lots of staring at the bar.

A recent example was Tabata Pushups. If you go all out in the first round, what happens in later rounds? Not a whole lot, because you won’t be doing many pushups at all. You’re spent.

Advice for upcoming WODs – maintain a steady pace. You’ll get a much better score/time if you go 80% for 100% of the time. Rather than 100% for 20% of the time (because then you’ll be toast for the remainder).

If you have any questions on pacing certain workouts, please don’t hesitate in asking a trainer.

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