Closed until 3pm. The parking lot at the gym is still a mess (back lot hasn’t been touched). Mr.Plow would appreciate an empty parking lot to make his job a lot easier. Thank you for understanding.

Build up to Thruster WOD weight

15-12-9 reps
Thrusters (95/65#/60%)

Rest 5 minutes

12-9-6 reps

Rest 5 min

9-6-3 reps

All the love!
All the love!

36 thoughts on “UPDATE!!”

    1. It’s me and Tara. She is so amazing and dedicated. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

  1. “Franny” at 55# and ring rows: 22:15

    I just want to add that a few months ago, I could not do 1 thruster at 55, and today I did the whole WOD πŸ™‚

    thanks Kevin,

  2. Wasn’t sure if I’d get to the gym so..

    Tabata burpees at home

    Made it to the 3pm open gym ( going stir crazy)

    Front squats with Mel πŸ™‚


    WOD with Mel!

    3 rounds
    15 T2B
    15 burpees
    15 KBS @ 35#

    Time = 8:23

    Great job today by all the competitors taking on 15.3!

  3. Open WOD 15.3 as Rx’d.
    Score: 195 reps.

    Surprised myself by actually getting through all the doubles!
    Thanks for all the encouragement Josh, a few of those reps were definitely thanks to you.

  4. WOD Franny
    Thrusters 95#
    Pull ups

    15-12-9, 5:27
    rest 5 min

    12-9-6, 14:35
    rest 5 min

    9-6-3, 21:46

  5. – Mob
    – WUx1 (15 reps)

    WOD Rx = DNF… 2 pull ups + 3/3 thrusters/pull ups at the time cap. Problem = I paced it like a long workout instead of 3 short workouts, womp womp.

    1. Ryan, unless you passed out or your leg fell off or something (possible in this workout), you finished the workout. If you were working until the time expired then that’s definitely a finish. Don’t sell yourself short. DNF means you had to quit early, and you are definitely not a quitter.

      We place time and rep goals on workouts to push you, but not completing all the reps doesn’t mean you didn’t work your a$$ off. So what if your score is a number of reps completed instead of a time?

      You already identified the what you can work on, and you can bet a workout like this will appear again, Stay positive!

  6. Build up to Thruster WOD weight
    just worked on technique @ 55# to take it easy on my shoulder

    WOD: “Franny”

    *scaled to 55# & ring rows (again because of my shoulder)

    First round finished at 5:04
    2nd round finished at 14:00 (3:56 of work)
    3rd round finished at 21:00 (2:00 of work)

    Time: 21:00

    This was a fun one! happy with the pacing early on, but I think I could have broken up less in 2nd round….I look forward to giving this one another go as Rx when my shoulder is better!!

    Thanks Chantal!

    Amazing job to Mario & Steph on 15.3 tonight, glad I got to see you guys…seeing Steph surprise herself was awesome and those were some very pretty MUs πŸ™‚

  7. Wod RX’d!! Been waiting a long time to say I did a thruster wod rx’d. Happy! Pacing my wods properly is making such a big difference!

    Time: 25:02

    Thanks Kevin. And Josh. πŸ™‚

    1. Awesome push at the end Amanda! Now imagine if you didn’t “park” so close to the front of the class!

  8. 15.3 as Rxd

    188 reps

    Also got a PR for 2 consecutive Muscle Ups and Kevin that was my goal this year :).
    As well most Muscle Ups I ever done in one class (15 in total including one at WU)

    note: If anyone uses the rings that hang from the ceilings and you keep at it on those, once you use the ones on the bars, those are sooooooo much easier. That was it for me.
    And good taping helps for the false grip.

    1. Nice work Gabriel! I agree those rings off the bars were awesome!
      2 MU in a row is nothing to take lightly! Awesome!

  9. Open WOD 15.3 Rx’d = 159 Still can’t believe it/ Very Happy with my score!

    Thanks for the support Mario,Amanda,Kevin,Cara, Matt and the 7pm Class!!!

  10. WU x 1 (15 reps)

    Mobility + Group WU

    Build up to WOD weight for thrusters did one-arm KB 35-40-45

    WOD: β€œFranny”

    *scaled to 40# KB one arm & ring rows

    Rest 5 min
    Rest 5 min

    First round finished at 4:42
    2nd round finished at 13:28
    3rd round finished at 20:30

  11. WU x 1

    55 x 5
    65 x 3
    70 x 3


    Thrusters @ 55#
    Pull ups
    rest 5 minutes
    rest 5 minutes

    First round did pull ups & finished at 9:47
    Second round scaled to ring rows & finished at 19:02
    Third round scaled to ring row….did not finish this round. Completed the 9 thrusters + 9 ring rows + 1 thruster.

    In hind sight I probably should have done ring rows throughout. The set of 9 pull ups in the first round were killer. That said, I’m glad I attempted the pull ups. It’s a good measuring stick for me to see if I’m ready to attempt Fran with pull ups…..Not yet, but know I know!

    Stayed around for Yoga…..that felt awesome.

    Congrats to Steph on ALL of those awesome muscle ups! They looked so pretty πŸ™‚

  12. MOB + WU (15 Reps)
    Thrusters Build Up
    5 X#40
    5 X#45
    5 X#50

    Franny at 40# and Ring Rows
    Score: 25 Minutes ON THE DOT, thanks to Chantal for the mega push!

  13. Strength: Thrusters
    40 x 5
    45 x 3
    50 x 1


    Thrusters @ 50#
    Pull ups (scaled to ring rows)
    rest 5 minutes
    rest 5 minutes

    my time: 22:57

    Then yoga class after to stretch out my hips!!! My hips were quite tights and sore from wallballs and thrusters!

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