Open Up by CFNE

Judges meeting tomorrow at 3pm.

75 Wall Balls (20/14# @ 10’)
60 Calorie Row
45 DB Snatches (50/35#)
30 C2B Pullups

Lots of great movements in here that could come up the Open. Great way to test out how to manage your sets.


6 thoughts on “Open Up by CFNE”

  1. Open gym


    Back squat sets street between
    Wu 95×10
    10 lbs off pr
    Quad smash

  2. OHS – goal was 15 reps at bodyweight. Made it to 10 reps twice. Next time!!

    Stayed after to try the workout.

    Rx’d in 11:11

    I quite enjoyed that one.

    Thanks to those that stuck around to cheer for me.

  3. 75 Wall Balls (6# @ 9’) -4.5ish min
    60 Calorie Row -5ish min
    45 DB Snatches (20#) -10, 20, 10, 5,
    30 Jumping Pullups

    It felt like i did good on the pacing during but my time says those little breaks before and on the last 2 movements were longer than they felt. Light med ball but it did not touch the floor once, sets of 10, leaned against the wall for rests.

    cashout working on handstands, stretching shoulders.

  4. Today was a 2 workout day for me!
    I made up a ruck wod for OG and decided to use #40..
    10 step ups in between each set.
    Bear crawl across the gym and back with 10 shoulder touches on the other side..
    Farmer carry with #35 in each hand across and back ( probably should have gone the length) with 10 8-counts on the other side.
    I did two sets..Then I did the 10am class
    75 Wall Balls (12#@9′)
    60 Calorie Row
    45 DB Snatches (25#)
    30 C2B Pullups
    The wallballs we not my favorite part and became a mental game.. Thanks to Janelle for encouraging me!! I really liked the Snatches and was able to just keep going one at a time (maybe I could have gone heavier?)
    I think my time was 16:30ish

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