Open Strength

Come in today to work on two strengths of your choice. If you have some extra time, work on a goat (weakness).

A big group for our Preggo WOD!
A big group for our Preggo WOD!

6 thoughts on “Open Strength”

  1. Mob
    WU x 3

    Open Strength Day

    Shoulder Press

    45-50-55-60-62-65 x 4
    Was going for 65 as a PR, only got 4 reps, was a little discouraged. Marie-No suggested I try for 62 # for 5 reps and I got them! – thanks Marie-No! Next time I’ll get the 65 PR for 5 reps!

    Planks – 4 x 3 mins

  2. Mobility
    Wu x 2
    Strength work on snatches
    Hang snatch (full squat)
    5 sets @ 95/ 3 sets @ 115
    Power snatch from floor @ 135 touch and go
    3 sets of 5
    2nd Strength work on bar mu’s.
    Fail/ fail / 1 then fail almost superman off the bar..
    Then did 8 consecutive failed the ninth so stopped there. Stupid shoulder mobility!!!
    Great class Marie!

  3. Mobility
    WU X 3
    30 Burpees

    Strength: Push Press X 5


    Back Squat x 5


    20 Burpees

    800m Run

    Thanks Marie-Noelle.

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