Open Gym tonight

Come in between 6 and 8pm to work on a strength, a skill and/or the workout of the day. Please register online for the class.

Row 1000m

Compare to Nov.19/10

Hooverball court being prepared

11 thoughts on “Open Gym tonight”

  1. Hey Kevin,
    Chris is home and would like to drop in to the open gym – is there room for a “visitor” to work on some stuff?

  2. Sorry to miss the party last night. I guess my age is showing “blush”…sounds like it was a good time. Also, I am taking a much needed rest day today, so no open gym for me (ok…the age thing again…LOL). Have fun everyone! 🙂

  3. OHS
    45×5 95 x 5 115 x 5 135 x 1
    135 x 1 145 x 1 150 x 1. Pr of 15
    High jump
    45.5 inches. Pr of 2 inches …..insert joke here if you feel so inclined.

  4. -Strength-
    Push Press X 3
    95-105-115-120-125 (match of 1 rep max for 3)
    Box Jump for max height
    best at 47″ pr of 1 inch
    Attempt 1- 3:47
    800m fun run
    Attempt #2- 3:42
    2 muscleups (strung) and foam rolling
    I wasn’t happy with my pace strategy the first time I did the WOD, I saved too much for the end. So I tried again. Also, I love the Sunday afternoon open gym. I think it would be a great addition to the permanent schedule especially as a time to work on skills and goats, so a big thanks to Ron for opening it up today and for the great feedback.

  5. MOB
    WU X 2

    Strength – clean 5’s

    WOD – Row 1000m

    Time 3:56.1

    DU practice
    30-28-19-27-36 PR-16-25

    The OLY classes just paid off because the cleans were SO MUCH EASIER!!! Form was great and the lifts were (almost) effortless. Could have gone heavier but trying to prioritize form over weight.

    Double under practice much improved. Previous pr was around 10 so pretty pleased.

    I have never gone to a Sunday open gym before and I’m pretty happy with today’s results – so big thank you to Ron for opening the gym today 🙂

  6. mobility
    WU x1

    Push Jerks
    135-145-155-165-175 (#30 PR)

    Row 1000m

    Time: 3:50

    Got 30 pound PR on my push jerk for some reason its been siting at 145 when my push press was way higher so thought id catch that up. Need to work on my rowing form the pull is alright but i need to reset in the correct order thanks Ron for the pointers.

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