Open Gym

Ron has been gracious enough to open the 10-11:30am. It’s Open Gym style, so come in and labour away (pun intended) on whatever you’d like. No need to register.


2 thoughts on “Open Gym”

  1. WUx1

    “Murph” RX’d (20# vest)
    For time:
    1 mile Run
    100 Pull-ups
    200 Push-ups
    300 Squats
    1 mile Run

    Time–> 48:47
    Was aiming for sub 45 but anything sub 50 was great!
    Broken in 25 rounds of
    6 Squats-4 Push ups-6 Squats-4 Push ups – 4 Pull ups
    (Need to break the Push Ups sooner in 2+2 for next time)

    Then decided to try for a PR on DU’s
    Got 101. PR of 40 reps had 61 August 2015
    These felt super easy. Trick is to do these right after a vest workout. You feel very light on your feet 😉

    Fun morning!

    Thanks a bunch Ron for opening the box to us today!

  2. OG thanks to Ron 🙂

    Back Squats
    x10 @ 95 – 145#
    x5 @ 145 > trying to correct leaning (Thanks Ron for the pointers)
    x3 @ 175 – 185

    Front Squats
    x5 @ 95-125-135-155
    x3 @ 175#

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