Open Gym

Coach Ron is opening the gym this morning. Come in any time from 9-11am.

5 thoughts on “Open Gym”

  1. Vanessa MacDonald

    Thanks so much for opening the gym Ron!!!

    10x 35# good morning and presses

    Power clean 5×55#-75-80-85-90
    So much heavier than they used to be…

    Empty sled push length of gym x4. Alt 10 burpees or 15 (2count) 12# Russian twists
    Not for time

    20sec bar hang with knees up. Tried to keep shoulders active and not just hang. 10 air squats between sets. 5 sets

    5 sets 10 bent over row 35# 30 flutterkicks

    1 mile run 9:50. So slow… 2 walk breaks.
    This was hard on the head. I love running so much and this is a big difference than Pre pregnancy

    Lots of stretching.

  2. WOD: “Squat Clean Pyramid”
    Squat Clean 10-8-6-4-2 (50-60-70-80-90%)
    = couldnt get 245 up, stopped at 16:10

    WOD: AMRAP 12 mins
    15 Pushups
    20′ DB Lunges 40/25#
    15 Ring Rows (feet in front of rings)
    20′ DB Lunges 40/25#
    = 4 rounds + 2 Pushups

  3. Bike to and from

    Wux1 + Crossover Symmetry

    2×10 reps Wall Squats

    5×3 OHS pause 3 seconds

    3x20reps of max height wall balls 20#

    5k run with 20# vest
    Had to stop at tracks for about 1 minute for a truck towing 2 hopper cars on the tracks. Glad it was not a train!

    Thanks for the open gym Ron!!

  4. OG

    Shoulder MOB


    315 -320( failed on third)


    Thanks for opening the gym Ron

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