Open 14.3

14.3 Heat List!

Oh yeah! Just what we’ve been practicing! Remember the 20RM DLs on Monday? How about all these other WODs with the DL + BJ combo? Feb.26/14 Jan.30/14 Jan.18/14 Nov.5/13 The key for this workout is to pace well, break up the deadlifts before you need to, and keep the transitions smooth. Also, know what weights need to be on the bar. As coaches, we are also concerned about the health of your backs, so DO NOT attempt more weight than you can safely handle. You only have one back, so let’s try to keep it healthy.

We’ll give more in-depth strategy tips at the gym tonight. Can’t wait!

Strength – Deadlift 10RM

AMRAP in 9 min
12 Deadlifts (275/185# or 70%)
24 Pullups
36 Lunges

Compare to March 15/13

Please watch the standards before coming tonight.


72 thoughts on “Open 14.3”

  1. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Group mobility
    Group warm up
    Strength: dead lifts: 55, 75, 85 (×10)

    12 dead lifts @75
    24 pullups scaled to ring rows
    36 lunges

    Total : 2 full rounds plus 9 ring rows!

    Thanks for thr tips Chantal….great work everyone! 🙂

  2. Mob+WU
    Group Mob + WU

    DL – 10RM
    10 @65# – 10 @70# – 10 @85# (highest I’ve done for a DL

  3. Good luck to all my peeps KILLING 14.3 tonight! I look forward to all the pictures and stories.
    I wonder who will be getting the post-WOD muscle-up tonight??

  4. MOB
    WUx1 8 strict pull-ups in a row PR

    Group mobility
    Group warm up
    Strength: dead lifts: 95×10 WU
    165-195-235 (×10) After a year and a half I finally mastered the hook grip and when done right it actually works!

    12 dead lifts @210
    24 pull-ups (Bottleneck)
    36 lunges

    Total : 1 round 28 lunges

  5. ATHLETES – Gear for tonight’s 14.3

    NO Oly shoes – only wear flats
    Belt – if you normally use one
    Tape – for your thumbs when you use hook grip
    NO water – you won’t need any until after 🙂

  6. Good luck to everyone tonight!!! Can’t wait to see how the beasts at CFM do on this one! Be smart and go hard. Also feel free to let me know how it’s going during the heats!!! Again good to out the tonight! I’m cheering for everyone from here!

  7. AMRAP 9 min
    12 deadlifts 75#
    24 ring rows
    36 lunges

    Total: 3 rounds 11 ring rows
    Thanks for all the advice Joanna great class!

  8. Mobility
    Wu prep for 14.3
    Wod: 14.3
    143 reps 🙂
    Thanks for the cheers and to our great leader, thanks for the tips Kevin. That worked out great!

  9. Mob
    Wod 14.3
    122 reps
    This went well I had no idea where I would finish. Got a 20#pr 25 times

  10. – WOD 14.3 81 reps

    Finishing the last set of deadlifts like 10-15 seconds earlier would have let me blow through the last box jumps, boo urns, so close to 90! Oh well, still pretty happy 🙂

  11. WOD 14.3

    94 Reps

    Disappointed with this. I feel like I could do much better on this but I really thought my head might explode during the WOD (Seriously!) I look forward to trying this one again in the future.

    Great energy at the gym tonight. Great seeing everyone do more than they thought they could, and Shane….143 reps, holy crap!!!

  12. WOD 14.3

    Total 96 reps

    Pretty happy since this only 2nd WOD post vacation, definitely my kind of workout would like to tackle again…

  13. WOD 14.3

    61 reps. Got into the 155s for 6 reps! Yayyyyyyyy! 🙂

    Previous PR for Deadlifts = 135 (20# PR)

    Tonight, 155 felt good and I was able to get a few while maintaining proper form, which was something I really tried to focus on, so I am happy with it. 🙂

    Thanks to Ron for being my judge and Amanda, Wendy, and many others for your encouraging words.

    Super proud of everyone! Great job, CrossFit fam! 🙂

  14. Fun night at Crossfit Moncton. You all did really great. Everyone pushed it hard. Lots of scary faces pulling up heavy weight on the deadlifts.

  15. WOD 14.3
    Total reps–> 130
    Had only 10 seconds left so not enough time for the 315.
    Next time.
    Overall very happy and back felt and still fells great.
    Awesome job everyone!

  16. Mob
    Dead lifts 3×10 135, 165, 175
    12 DL at 165
    24 Pullups with black band
    36 Lunges

    1 full and 20 pullups

  17. Wod @ 135#
    2 + 7 pullups

    Nice work everyone on 14.3! The vibe was really nice half an hour before the first heat, I can just imagine how everyone was pumped with all those impressive efforts… Bravo!

  18. 14.3

    Total = 93

    I am so happy with this as my last 3 rep max dealift was 125 in Feb. That is a 60lb PR 🙂

    Thank you for all the encourgament Heather S and especially the counting lol.

    Thank you with the help on the practice for muscle ups Ron

    Cheers everyone – what a great night and a great group of people – I love CFM

  19. MOB + WU

    Dead’s (10RM)

    WOD: AMRAP 9mins

    12 Deads @ #155
    24 Pullups (Greenband
    36 Lunges

    1rd 28 Lunges

    Cashout: 15 MacKenzie Pushups

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