Only 2 days left to register for the Hopper Event

Atlantic Hopper Event has 39 people registered already. Will we break the 50 mark? Help spread the word!


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

Just so you know, this WOD is brutal. Take Helen, double the work and add 2 rounds. There will be a 50 minute cap on this workout. Please show up on time.

Check out this inspirational video! Never, ever say you can’t!!


25 thoughts on “Only 2 days left to register for the Hopper Event”

  1. So glad I am finished this workout. 🙂

    CWx1 + lots of stretching

    WOD: Eva
    5 Rounds
    800m Run
    30KBS (35lbs)
    30 pullups (yellow elastic)
    Time: 43:56

    Great Job Everyone!
    Heather…you are an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

  2. Quote of the Year!

    In the middle of doing Eva, “Now I know why dogs lay down in puddles”.
    -Heather Wood

  3. CFWU X 1 1/2

    WOD: EVA

    RUN 800 M
    30 KBS (35#)

    What a crazy one…. 😛

  4. wow …an amazing video

    and a great quote Heather ….is there a puddle near by ????


  5. CFWU x 2
    WOD – “Eva”
    5 rounds or AMRAP in 45 min.
    Run 800 m
    30 KBS (35lbs)
    30 Pull Ups (Blue Band)

    4 rounds – 42:19

    Sweet Mother!

    Heather, I’m loving your quote!
    Amazing workout everyone! 🙂

  6. Heather (Mum)

    Amazing video. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the support everyone.
    CFWU – 10 min.
    WOD Eva I’d like to call her something else.

    3 rounds
    Run 800 m
    30 KBS 15 lbs.
    30 Pullips
    Time 43;24

  7. I can certainly say, I am happy I did this at 6am.

    I think if I were at home all day, looking at this work out i would be weeping like a little school girl.

    …be afraid evening crossfitters, be afraid…

    1. Gee thanks Dave… You just had to say what I had been thinking since seeing this WOD posted on the CF main site last night. Tks for the virtual punch in the stomach… know that the evening crew will be gunning for you. See you Sat. morning?? Or maybe sooner?? LOL!!

  8. CFWU x2
    Eva (4 rounds)
    run/walk 800m
    30 KBS (weight ?)
    30 Pull Ups

    Time: 44:38

    I think I should have slept in! Very difficult.

  9. That is crazy what human body could do!! Some people said that human are utilizing only 10% of their brain!

  10. Dynamic Stretching

    Evil ‘Eva”
    5 Rounds
    Run 800m
    30 KBS 55 lbs
    30 Ring Rows

    Time – 38:00

    Wow, this chick moved up to second on my all time hardest list at Crossfit, only to that SDHP Frenzee we did. Kevin kept telling me I was behind Daves time. I think I cried during the last round. To top it off, said the wrong word and finished with 10 burpees… ish

  11. Dynamic Stretching

    WOD: Eva (I have another pet name for her… but not so appropriate)
    5 Rounds – Time: 40:34

    Wow what a kick in the pants that one was… Thanks for the push tonight everyone. Canada Day will be a WELL deserved day of rest for all!! Congrats to all those that looked Eva in they eyes and said “Bring it on”!

    PS Nice Burpees tonight Brian… the Trophy Pose finish was Oscar worthy!! 🙂

  12. sean and i found our own puddles during tonight’s road time trial
    12.5km in 24:10

    dramatic race – sean was my ‘minute man’ (the one next closest guy to catch up the road). i caught and passed him on the second last incline – he got psyched and passed me back on the decline, so i had to out-sprint him on the final incline to the finish. 🙂

    sunday was the dieppe stage mountain bike race
    11am dirt time trial (one lap of race course) 2.5km in 13:11 (only 1 second lead on next place girl)
    2pm short track race (1 hour plus 1 lap) – 6 laps total (all laps faster than my time trial time!)

    finished 5th in my category (of all guys), finished 4 min and 17 seconds ahead of next place girl, and 21st of 34 guys and girls total. hot day but great race!

  13. Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    55 # Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
    30 Pull-ups


    Increased my weight by 15# and decreased my time by 1 minute. Glad there was a light mist tonight to keep me cool on the run.

    And rest day for everyone! What a workout. And it was poor Chantal’s second CrossFit workout. What a great way to welcome her. Great job everyone and enjoy your Canada Day!

  14. Is there anyway ‘Eva’ could be nicer? haha

    5 rounds of…
    run 800m
    30 KBS 35lbs
    30 pull ups


    I wanted to finish this before the 45 minute mark but t’was not to be. Next time I’ll have my puffer and tape my hands, that’ll probably shave at least 3 minutes haha!
    I agree with Rob on the new shirt quote.

  15. I didn’t have time to watch the video yesterday. WOW! i had heard of this guy before.. but never saw any clips/ interview. Very inspirational. thanks Kevin

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