One class

The gym will be open from 9am-10am for an Open Gym. All other classes will be canceled for the rest of the day. Let’s hope this will be the last big storm of the year.

Let's welcome Davis to the Muscle-up Club!!
Let’s welcome Davis to the Muscle-up Club!!

13 thoughts on “One class”

  1. Small open gym. Great work on 15.3 Joey.

    10k Row
    39:52 (5 minute PR)

    Way more mental than physical.

  2. Thanks for opening the gym Kevin!
    And to Vanessa for peer pressuring me to go. As per usual.

    I did some Mob and attempted some back squats but my back was tight.
    135-185 x3

    Maritime Spring Fling WOD #1 w/Vanessa
    10 mins EMOTM
    5 Thrusters 65#
    One partner works for 1 minute, then we switch. Score is the # of Burpees you complete.
    I didn’t write mine down (and lost count one round) but I had 8 Burpees most rounds. Last round I had 10. I think 10 is possible each round without dying.

    Tabata Planks w/Vanessa

  3. Thanks for opening the gym Kevin. I needed to get off my butt.

    Knee tucks+bar hold x30sec, x15sec
    Straight leg raises on bar 10×3

    PressX3 35#-45-55-60PR for reps
    Push pressX3 65#-70-75-80PR reps

    Spring fling WOD with Kim
    10 min EMOTM 5 thrusters @65# then max burpees. Alternate every min
    I got 10 Burpees each round so 50 burpees
    I was feeling stiff and slow today so I should be able to match those reps or better at the comp 🙂 hopefully

    Tabata planks

  4. Davis I was so disappointed I missed your muscle up!! I heard the cheering! Congrats!! Hope your wrist is okay!

  5. I still need to do 15.3 tomorrow (barf). Will any judges be available tomorrow evening? 6pm preferred but I can cancel practice and make it for 5.

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