Odd Wod

Row 600m
40 Front Squats (50% of max)

Marlene is back!

32 thoughts on “Odd Wod”

  1. Welcome back Marlene!!!

    Kevin, I forgot to write my time down for yesterday. Would you let me know what is was? Thanks.

  2. Whoever designed this WOD is one sick puppy. Let’s fatigue their quads and lower back then get them to do a bunch of front squats. Muwahaha….

  3. Except for the row distance, this WOD wasn’t that “odd”. It was good. Doing front squats after exhaustion really sucks though 🙂

    Shoulder Press 3x

    WOD: Row 600m
    40 Front Squats (115 lbs)


    nice work 6am peeps!!

  4. CFWU x2

    Strength: Front Squats
    5x 65-75-80-90-105
    I was supposed to be doing shoulder press. Realized after my second set of front squats. Smart this morning.

    600m row
    40 Front Squats (60#)

    T = 8:12

  5. WU x 2

    Strength: Deadlift x 5

    600 m row
    40 Front Squats (80lbs)

    Time: 7:04

    Thanks Marc for the encouragement and the coaching tips this morning.You are always so positive and I appreciate your constructive feed-back.

    Good job a.m. crew!

  6. Good mornings 5RM –> 95-115-135-155-165

    WOD with 30# DB hang power clean & Jerk –> 7:24 (I think)

  7. (M/35/194)

    CFWU x 2 + DU

    Cleans (5RM @ 0.85 of 170#)
    65, 95, 115, 135, 155

    WOD – 6:24
    – 600m Row (#5 setting)
    – 40 Front Squats (95#)

    Thanks for the pointers this morning guys. Nice work on this one Gilles. You were a machine.

  8. WU times 2
    Strength shoulder press 10s
    35-45-50-55-60 (my whole body shook on that last rep!)
    WOD 600 m row
    40 front squats 65#
    time 6:29 and a CF cough!
    Thanks for the push at the end, my legs were starting to give out on me 🙂

  9. WUx2

    Sterngth – Push Press x5

    Row 600m
    40 Front Squats @ 95#

    Time –> 5:07

    Great job evening folks!

  10. Wu

    Strength Back squats 10RM
    135-155-185-205-225-245(PR) Prob had another set in me

    Row 600m
    40 Front Squats @ 150#


    These percentage workouts are killing me!

  11. WUX2

    Overhead squat (x5)

    Row 600m
    40 Front Squats(55#)
    Time = 5:42 or is it 7:42? oups…….

    no clue if 5:42 is relly my time,, kevin could you check?

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