October 28 workout

Squat clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

A squat clean at the CrossFit Games
A squat clean at the CrossFit Games

Image courtesy of Diablo CrossFit

6 thoughts on “October 28 workout”

  1. These didn’t feel right today. Shoulders and chest are still ripping from those bloody ring dips.

    Squat cleans


    Did some deadlifts after.


    Then did a 2k row.


    And finished off with some double unders.

    47 consecutive.

    A pretty eventful day.

  2. Squat cleans:

    2k row: 7m25s

    I wanted so much to kick Kevin ass on this one….but I didn’t. And my technique wasn’t right at all even if I was trying to visualize it with my eyes closed. 😀

    Was a nice WOD tonight! Can’t wait to see what will come up thrusday!

  3. CFWU x3 (-O/H Squats & K2E)

    21-15 – 9
    Body Row
    Press (35lb)

    time: 9:18
    I have a bum knee so Kevin gave me a w/o that wouldn’t bother it.
    This w/o was harder than it seemed…..the heart rate got up there.

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