Final Hero WOD of August! Let’s go out with a bang!

For time:
10 Handstand push-ups
15 Deadlift (250/175#)
25 Box jumps, 30 inch box
50 Pull-ups
100 Wallball shots (20/14#)
200 Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 45/25# plate


45 thoughts on ““Nutts””

  1. Nutts
    10 HSPU (pike pushups)
    15 deadlifts #120
    25 box jumps
    50 pullups
    100 wall balls #14
    200 double unders
    400m run with #25 plate

    Time – 35:19

    Not as bad as I was expecting? Maybe? Didn’t mind this one too much, kinda glad Hero month is done but proud to have done all the ones we did in remembrance and we started and ended with a Canadian RIP

  2. 10 Handstand push-ups (kip)
    15 Deadlift (250#)
    25 Box jumps, 30 inch box
    50 Pull-ups
    100 Wallball shots (20#)
    200 Double-unders
    Run 400 meters with a 45# plate (rubber)


    Big thanks to all the soldiers who put their lives on the line for us. This WODs are nothing compared to what they go through on a daily basis.

  3. Yeah this one was a “good” one…

    mod warm-up x1.5
    (stopped half-way for the unplanned part of the warm-up, aka getting my car out the ditch since it decided to roll down and stop against the next door building)

    WOD scale 1
    10 HSPU (pike pushups)
    15 deadlifts #135
    25 box jumps
    25 pullups (14 straight, 9 green band)
    50 wall balls #20
    600 single unders
    400m run with #45 plate
    TIME – 25:00

    Thanks to those who help push my car up! Absolutely no dents in the bumber, just light scratches, so its ok to laugh! These things tend to happen to me 😛

    Good job on the beach wod video too!

    1. LMAO that’s even funnier than the Baywatch music! God you guys are cracking me up this morning!

  4. Nutts
    10 HSPU (got a PR of 9 strict in a row!!!)
    15 deadlifts (175lb)
    25 box jumps (24″)
    50 pullups
    100 wallballs (14lb)
    200 DU
    400m run 25lb plate

    Time: 25:59

    Wow, this was a tough one… gotta say, wall balls are really my goat!!!! All in all pretty happy with it, my DU went really well, then only thing slowing them down was the shoulder burn (for once hehe). No matter how much it sucks during a workout, you’re always glad you finished it:)

  5. Hey Kevin, I won’t be able to go tonight at 415…would it be ok if Shane went in my place? Thanks

  6. Nutts

    10 HSPU (pike pushups)
    15 deadlifts #205
    25 box jumps 30″
    30 strict deadhang pullups
    100 wall balls #20
    600 singles
    400m run with #45 plate

    Time – 32:13

    Those wall balls and single skips took forever! Subbed 30 dead hang pull ups instead of the 50 Rx’d. Thanks for the help on the run at the end Allen, I think I might have just dropped the 45# plate and ran home…

  7. Kevin I was scheduled for 415 but I have a meeting now at 330 I will see if I can drop in to one of the later classes once I am finished up THanks

  8. Warm up

    10 Handstand push-ups (kip)
    15 Deadlift (250#)
    25 Box jumps, 30 inch box
    50 Pull-ups
    100 Wallball shots (20#)
    200 Double-unders
    Run 400 meters with a 45# plate (rubber)


    This afternoon

    Warm up
    strength Power cleans 10-5-5-5

    Tabata Rows
    935 m


    Feel bad for you guys in the heat, keep pushin hard!

  9. Warm up x2

    10 pike push ups
    15 DL (135#)
    25 box jumps (24″)
    50 pull ups
    100 wall balls (14#)
    200 double unders
    400m waddle with a 25# plate

    thanks for the push matt on the run!

    cash out: 1 min plank

    5km ride home, go a flat tire about 1km from home 🙁

  10. WOD Nutts

    10 press #65
    15 deadlift #115
    25 box steps
    50 ring pulls
    50 wall balls
    600 single skips…which took forever
    400m saunter with #25 plate

    Time 32:36

    Great Job tonight, especially in the heat! Chantal you are quite possibly my new hero!

  11. WOD Nutts

    10 Shoulder Press (75 lbs)
    15 Deadlifts (155 lbs)
    25 Box Jumps (Black Box)
    50 pull-ups 30: yellow band 20: green band
    100 wall balls (14 lbs)
    200 double unders
    400m jog (25 lbs)

    Time: 31:47

    This was a real tough one for me today. I felt mentally and physically tired right from the get go! Thanks so much girls for the encouragement! Great work 4:15 p.m. crew.

  12. 10 HSPU (pike pushups)
    15 deadlifts #140
    25 box jumps = 20″
    50 ring rows
    100 wall balls #14
    600 single skips
    400m run with #25 plate

    Time – 24:36
    Wall Balls….Ugh, ugh, ugh!Otherwise, a great work out

  13. Mobility Warmup x2

    WOD: Nutts

    10 HSPUs
    15 Deadlifts @250
    25 Box Jumps 30″
    50 Pull Ups
    100 Wall Balls @20
    200 DUs
    400 m run @45

    Time: 34:47

    Glad I did it Rx’d but it was tough. The 30″ box jumps were fun, I think I’d rather do less, higher jumps than a lot of short ones. We need a max box jump night!!!

    And like everyone else, wall balls, DUs and run were awful. 🙂

    1. Thank you Dan – there was a lot of “winning” on my part on this one though lol You totally kicked ass on this one as usual 🙂 Great job – especially doing those freakishly high boxjumps!

  14. WOD –> Nutts

    10 One arm Shoulder Press (35#)
    15 One arm deadlift (135#)
    25 box jumps 30”
    100 Wall balls
    50 RIng pullups
    200 DUs
    400m run with 45#

    27:47 (I think)

  15. Pierre I admire your perseverance and how hard you are working around your injury – impressive!

  16. Mobility plus 10 OHS, 10 boxjumps, 10 pullups, 10 deadlifts, 10 shoulder presses times 2

    WOD Nutts (and yes he was – May he rest in peace)

    10 pike pushups (first time trying them – hopefully I was doing them ok)
    15 deadlifts (125#)
    25 boxjumps (20 inches)
    50 pullups (green and yellow band – no kip)
    100 wallballs from hell (14#)
    200 DUs (got a new PR of 31 DUs and lots of swearing)
    400m run with the 25# plate

    Time: 37:32 Woohoooooo I did it within the 45 minute time limit!!! There was a point (when I still had a 100 DUs to go) where I wasn’t sure that was going to happen… I’m still recovering from a bad carb weekend (not by choice) and I’m finally starting to feel better after feeling absolutely gross all weekend and yesterday. It’s so good to be eating paleo again 🙂 There’s absolutely no way I would ever, ever go back to eating a regular North American diet – it just makes me feel way too ill. Anyway, sorry for the babbling!

    Thank you to everyone for your many encouragements and for cheering me on throughout the WOD – it really does help more than you could know! I love you guys 🙂

  17. WOD ‘NUTTS’ as Rx’d time 29:something
    those wallballs sure kicked my butt. Goat, major goat. But did 7 HSPU so another goal met now going for 10.

  18. WU x 1

    WOD: “Nutts”

    10 Shoulder Press (75#)
    15 Deadlifts (175#)
    25 Box jumps
    50 Pull ups
    100 Wall Balls (14#)
    200 Double Unders
    400 m run with 25# plate

    Time : 30:28 (PR) 1: 19 secs

    I am quite pleased with my PR today because when I did this WOD in August, I used 155# deadlift and today I used 175#. In August, I also used the yellow and green bands for my pull ups, but today I did my pullups as Rx.

    Great job to the 4:15 p.m. class!

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