Nutrition Time

Winter is out (hopefully) and summer is coming. We all want to look better naked. So what a perfect time to shake off our winter insulation.

CrossFit Moncton will be running an 8-week Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge. I hate using the word challenge, because it shouldn’t be a challenge. You’re not “competing” against anyone. You’re not expected to just stop after the 8 weeks. Let’s call it “The Lifestyle Improvement Event”.

Our L.I.E. (darn it, didn’t think that through) will cover basic nutritional guidelines, as well as create lifestyle habits that will improve your overall health and fitness. Each week, there’ll be a new goal to attain. The first week – easy stuff. Next week – a little tougher. And so on for 8 weeks.

What makes this event unique is that you’ll be put into ‘Accountability Teams’. You will encourage AND be encouraged by a group of people who want you to perform your best. Each team will be made up of 4 people. You can register together, or sign up individually and be placed on a team. If your team is already made, send me an email. 

The event will officially begin April 11th. 


*Those currently doing our individual lifestyle challenge are encouraged to join as well

Hang Power Cleans x3
5 sets @ 70%

3 rounds
15 Hang Power Cleans (135/95#/60%)
15 Burpees

Compare to Sept.12/12

24 thoughts on “Nutrition Time”

  1. Melissa Hickey

    I’d like to sign up for the L.I.E.! So would Matt Allain
    Can’t wait to get started!

  2. WU & Mob

    Hang Power Cleans x 3
    5 sets @ 70%

    3 Rounds
    15 HPC @#95
    15 burpee
    Time 7:35

    Thanks Shane

  3. Hang Power Cleans x 3
    (115 – 135wu) 5 sets @ 70% = 155#

    Wod RX’d
    4:09 (Pr 1:24 & 10#)

    Fun wod, in 2012 I said I wanted to do this Rx next time, took a little while for the wod to come up again. Also it was the beginning of butterfly pullup progression, now a days I’m doing butterfly pullups in warm-ups. It’s good to write these things down to compare later.

      1. Thanks. First round was pretty good, 2nd rd had to push to keep the pace 3rd rd was pure drive to finish especially the last 5 reps. Lungs had that cold feeling when you really push yourself, so alot of coughing afterwards… Lol.

  4. Hang Power Cleans x3
    5 sets @ 70%
    55# – 85# 105# – 105# – 105# – 105#-105 #

    3 rounds
    15 Hang Power Cleans @ 85#
    15 Burpees


    really wanted to do this RX….next time. Glad I scaled today

  5. Open Gym

    Shoulder and Quad Mobility

    Hang Power Cleans
    95(5) – 115(5) – 135(5) – 155(3) – 175155(3) – 190(1) – 195 (F)

    3 rounds
    — 15 Hang Power Cleans @ 125#
    — 15 Burpees

    TIME: 5:57

    Need to plan (and stick to) smarter breaks (if any for HPC), burpees actually felt…Ok?
    Thanks for the race Steph!

  6. HPC 5 sets of 3 @ 85#

    WOD w/ 75#

    time = 5:09

    HPC’s felt heavy and burpees felt like..well like burpees 🙂

    Thanks Steph!

  7. After a few arm circles, I loaded the bar and went for it.

    4:36 (PR)

    I can feel my heart beating in my lips.

  8. Hang power clean x 3
    105 x 5

    3 rounds
    15 HPC @ 75
    15 Burpees
    Glad I scaled , everything felt heavy …

  9. CrossFit HALO – Rocky Hill, CT
    MOB + WU
    Group WU

    Push Press – 5×3
    95#, 95#, 105#, 105#, 115#

    WOD – AMRAP – 8 min
    25m Weighted Lunge – 45#
    10 Hang Power Clean
    TOTAL: 4 + 6 Lunges

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