Now what?

First off, I want to thank Ingrid and Roxanne for putting together the CFM Open this year. This was the first time I was hands off and actually got to be a participant. It was absolutely awesome and both teams did awesome. The spirit of both teams was beyond amazing.

Even a global pandemic can’t stop astonishing things from happening in the walls of CFM. People getting their first pullups, hitting new PRs on their lifts, doing movements they never thought possible. This is why we consider every member an athlete. Because you never cease to amaze us.

The Open is done for another year. But there will be other events coming up.

Ask yourself – Am I satisfied with how I performed? Are there things I need to work on? Maybe a certain movement got in your way. Or your nutrition slowed you down.

We can help.

I’ve had a few reach out already for private sessions. Some 30 min skill sessions might be all you need. Dialling in your nutrition can help with bodyweight movements and your cardio. Or maybe you just needed that kick in the pants to make it to the gym a little more consistently.

If you’d like to book a free goal review session to see what would be the best for you, book it here.

See you at the gym.

Nailed it!

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  1. I did foundations but used 15# bar instead of stick. Finished early and started on second Wod. Heaviest weight 75#

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