November 28 workout

Hopper Deck Surprise WOD

Kelly came out of the deck tonight!

5 rounds of:
Run 400m
30 Wall ball
30 Box jump


20 thoughts on “November 28 workout”

  1. Thanks Kevin for the movie, now I can show it to MC!
    This morning, my left wrist is kind of sore….. but I still happy about my muscle-ups! 😀

    Thanks guys…next step is to be Kevin’s max muscle-ups (10). hehehe

  2. great work Pierre

    so do any of you crossfitters have snowshoes???

    want to get out and play when we get some snow :o)

  3. excellent job pierre!!
    and julie- pierre’s muscle up didn’t shadow your 35 lb swings!! yay!! nice work everyone!

  4. Booze is expected! Oh God, this is gonna be F-U-N!!! What about dancing? Will there be dancing??? Haha!

    Sean, are you training tonight? I’ll bring you a cookie 🙂 I owe you.

  5. Wednesday was supposed to be my rest day…and I trained

    Today was also supposed to be my rest day..anyway that what I said yesterday!
    But I don’t think I will be able to retain myself from going to the gym tongiht… 😀

    Congrats Julie…35# KB swing is awesome! 😀

  6. tequila should get everyone dancing

    may workout saturday morning …going to party at a friends tonight so not sure …bring the cookie satuday …if i’m not there you can have it :o)

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