Gym closed

Due to the inclement weather, classes will be cancelled today. Have fun shovelling your driveway (post time to comments).

5 thoughts on “Gym closed”

  1. Holy snow storm! This would have definitely been a day off of school!

    Driveway shovelled in 24 minutes.

  2. There was a lot of snow in my driveway…and with 3 cars in, it makes it a lot more difficult.

    Took me 2.5 hours of snowblowing and shovelling!!

    Nice workout. 😀

  3. I shovelled 3 sets of steps/sidewalks at 2 different houses in just over an hour. Managed to get my daughter to soccer at the dome (no it wasnt cancelled) and she was the only one there!! Got stuck 5 times on my street!!

  4. I think the shovelling was harder than the workout we were going to do today anyway!

    Andy – Because she was the only one there, does that mean her team won?!

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