November 14 workout

Tonight is “Goat” night! What is a goat? See the post below for a description of the Goat from San Fransicso Crossfit.
Tomorrow is the CrossFit Total. We take 3 lifts, Press, Deadlift and Squat, add up the weight and that gives you a total. You get 3 attempts for each lift. Please come with an idea of how much you plan on lifting.
Yay! New Dynmax balls!
Yay! New Dynmax balls!

“Our good friend and super coach Brian McKenzie from Crossfit New Port Beach called us last week with a new idea he’d hatched. He called it the “goat”. Ironically we had also been kicking around the “goat” concept at about the same time. Thus was born the “do what you suck at workout”. Goating is choosing two or three exercises you fear or hate or both, and running full steam at them. For naming elegance sake, just insert your name in front of the word goat to describe the combination of exercises that you both hate and suck at. ( In the photo above, JD hates handstand pushups, Michael hates heavy Kettlebell swings)

For example:
Did you do the “(insert exercise here)-goat”? “Yeah, it was hard but my, “(insert exercise here)-goat” was harder.”

On Saturday, our level 2 monsters got first crack at the newly minted goat concept.
Most of our athletes included some kind of overhead squat. Hmmmm. Curious.

The bottom goat line is this. We should go headfirst after the things we know we suck at, and never want to see come up in the workout. Fortunately for you, in Crossfit we do.

Imagine taking the Goat concept to the rest of your life this week. Can you do one thing you hate doing? Can you do one thing you are afraid of?

Post your personal workout Goat to comments. And if you are able to Goat your real life in someway, brag about that too.”

3 thoughts on “November 14 workout”

  1. CFWU x3

    “Goat Night”

    Worked on:
    Double Unders – 19 in a row // 37 max in one minute
    Medicine Ball Cleans 14#
    Ring Dips

    Slow Jog – 3.7km 22:33

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