November 10 workout

Five rounds for time of:
25 Inverted Burpees
25 Pull-ups
25 Burpees

Post time to comments.


Now THAT’S a handstand!

Image courtesy of CrossFit Affiliate Blog.

14 thoughts on “November 10 workout”

  1. Ouff! Thank Gawd it’s my rest day, but I wish I could be there tonight to watch you monkeys do these inverted burpees.

    Pierre, I’m sure you’ll rock this one 😉 You always do.

    Good luck, y’all!

  2. Having no fat on my body combined with no mats in the gym equals no skin on the back of my hips. I’ll be sleeping on my stomach for a couple nights.

    As rx’d

    Hope this one doesn’t come up for another 2 years!

    Jeanette – you were right, Pierre killed this one…again!

  3. Unlike Kevin, I really enjoyed this WOD! It was fun…I kept a good pace during the whole WOD. I can’t wait for it to come up again. 😀

    Finish with a time of 39:04.

    The inverted burpees were easier that I thought they would have been. It was very frustating when you were pushing your feet up for the handstand but not enough to reach the wall. So you had to put your feet back on the ground and push again. It happened to me about 15 times.

  4. haha! Way to go guys. Those are some awesome times. I only wish I could have been there for the show 🙂

    So Pierre, did you kip from the floor, or sit up and roll?

    What’s up for tomorrow? Is everyone training? What time?

  5. CFWU x1
    Row 500m

    25 Inverted Burpees (sub 25 sit-ups + 25 push press 55#
    25 pull-ups (red elastic)
    25 burpees
    Time: 47:00

  6. We are training at the usual time…7PM.

    I might go for a run at the university (XC run) in the afternoon depending on the weather….if anyone are up for it, let me know.

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