No singles!

AMRAP in 10min
Double Unders

Compare to June 24/10

Hip/Back extensions are great for your midline

50 thoughts on “No singles!”

  1. This WOD came up June 24th as well. (I think it was the 24th…book is in the car)

    CFWU x2

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    1x 45-55-65-75(f)-75(f) Wow that really pissed me off…80 was my max.

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes of DU’s

    = 273

  2. Oh, and there was a record set yesterday that will be hard to beat.

    10 cancellations!

    We are just over half way through October and there are already 47 cancellations or no-shows. To make matters worse, 20 of those classes were full, so there were people that didn’t get a spot.

    If there’s a hint that you might not make it in the next day, please unregister. Then if you’re able to make it, sign-up on that day.

    1. Sorry for canceling yesterday on such short notice. I woke up in the midlle of the night with a viral infection in bought my eyes. When I went to bed my eyes where fine, no symptoms of pink eye where present. I appologise again for the inconvenience.

  3. WU x 2

    Strength: OHS x 5

    Today was a huge highlight/breakthrough for me today because since I have started Cross Fit, I have struggled immensely with OHS! I have never been able to do more than 45/50lbs. It felt incredible to do 65lbs. God knows my OHS still require a significant amount of work (increase flexibility), but I will celebrate my 65lbs OHS for the rest of the day….smiles…

    WOD: AMRAP:10 minutes

    Total: 413.

  4. WU x2
    Strength – Push Press x1
    50 60 70 80 90(PR) 95(F)

    AMRAP 10 Mins
    Double unders

    Total – 320 (that’s a PR of 264 from last time in March!)

  5. I can’t believe these numbers. If only I could get one. Congrats to all!
    Good luck tonight Kevin. Break a leg as they say in show business.

    1. Agree… very impressive numbers! Glad to know that I’m not alone in my quest for even a single DU!! We may need to form a support group … 😉

  6. Strength – back squat (deload)
    wu with 45 and 65 x10
    5×100, 5×110, 5×120

    AMRAP in 10 min

    350 (PR of almost 100 since Jan)

  7. hi so sorry for the short notice but I just started to get sick to my tummy 🙁
    Will not be able to make the 4:15

  8. Keitha :hi so sorry for the short notice but I just started to get sick to my tummy Will not be able to make the 4:15

    I will take that 4:15.

  9. CFWU x 2 (RRs 10×2)

    Strength front squats 5’s
    45-65-95-105-125-145 PR

    WOD Amrap 10 min double unders
    Total : 48

    Cashout 2 min stretch back/shoulders on the ball.

  10. Did some cleans with a 35# bar to see how my wrist would be. Not to bad but after a few reps, I was starting to feel it so I stopped there. But it is definitely getting better since before I could not even do a clean with a 10# bar.

    WOD –> 401

    I don’t know if it is a PR, but I am happy with the number.

  11. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Press

    WOD – AMRAP in 10 mins
    Double Unders
    197 PR by 86

  12. Some people left the gym today feeling like they didn’t accomplish anything. I want you to know that you did. You took 10 minutes straight to work on double unders. Would you have done that on our own? Maybe, but I’m leaning towards no. Today was a workout for some, and a skill practice session for others. Either category you fall into, it was a good day.

    1. Great comment Kevin. It was a good opportunity to practice one of my big goats…and not, I would not have done it on my own.

  13. WU x 2

    Back Squat
    45×10, 65×5, 75×5, 80×5, 95×3, 105×1 (amrap 🙁 )

    AMRAP in 10 min. of:
    Double Unders
    313 (269 in June) 😀
    32 in a row PR 😀

  14. WU x 2
    Back squat x 5: 65-75-85(PR for reps)-90(PR for reps)

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 mins of:

    110 –> PR (26 in June) 🙂

  15. WU x 2

    Front Squats x 3 Reps
    PR for 3 reps. at 125# & 135#

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 min. of double under = 146
    Not a PR for me today, as I had 154 last January. Damn you double unders!

  16. WU x 2
    Strength: front squats 3’s (cleaned the bar before each set)

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 min. of double unders

    Somewhere between 480 and 505. Unsure about 25 reps somewhere! Lots of work to do on the math on the high rep workouts!

  17. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Press x 1

    80-90-105-120-130 PR 🙂

    WOD – AMRAP in 10 mins

    Double Unders


    Doesn’t sound like much, but the last time I did this workout I got 0! Still lots of work to be done on these, but I know it will come…

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